Look what I did yesterday and why there isn't really a blog post today

Hello Dear Reader,

Most of my days have a rhythm to them and Sundays are no different, I usually have all the house work done and mostly garden, sew, wash the towels and bed sheets, watch Landline and Gardening Australia and spend some time typing up some bones of blogposts on a Sunday. Well, instead of that, yesterday I watered the garden, went to the markets to pick up some berries and cinnamon, did a sort out of my little stash of quilting fabrics and then spent the rest of the day sewing.

This unfinished project has been sitting looking at me for a very long time, nearly 3 years, the problem was, I had run out of the background fabric and was unsure how to continue, well while I was sorting out my stash I found I had quite a lot of the grey zigzag fabric left (it's the same one I used as the "lids" of the "Jars" and used that. So instead of the "Quart Jars" popping off the quilt, they look like they are on a stand. The original idea was to use a dark background so the "jars" really stood out.

The design is from Jenny of "The Missouri Star Quilt Company" and is called "Eye Spy" I really loved the idea of it. I will finish the quilt with another large boarder, using the same fabric for the backing and binding, that is when I get a chance to go out to Spotlight and buy it. I am thinking of a pale pink polkadot. What would you use?

So concludes my non blogpost for today.

Have a lovely day

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Sunny Side Up Sunday

Hello Dear Reader,

Not the species they were looking for!

Today I am grateful for the safe return of my boys yesterday evening. They are currently (they went out again at 2 am this morning) competing in a 2 day Marlin fishing tournament which involves covering a lot of ground, trolling for this species. The weather was always going to be a bit of an issue, but they went anyway.

They left at 3 am yesterday morning and when I was talking to my darling sister yesterday afternoon at around 4 pm, the boys still weren't home. I assured her that I wasn't too worried, they always call the coast guard on leaving and returning the harbour and as it was a big competition, surely there would be plenty of other boats around. But I was quietly very worried, that is a very long time to be on the water, in a boat that seems very big in the garage but in reality is just a blip on the ocean.

I started texting at 4.30 pm, first Jacob and then Mark when I didn't get a response, I was just about to ring the coast guard when I finally received a text from Jacob saying they were just coming into the harbour just then (5pm). He said it was the roughest swell he had ever been out in but the boat handled it fine and was just very uncomfortable.

To make matters worse they didn't hook up on any Marlin however did catch a Wahoo and a Mackerel, which won't score them any points for the comp but will fill the freezer. The weather today is forecast to be better, with less wind and smoother seas, here's hoping.

Jacob with his Wahoo, it is a very nice eating fish, with mild, firm flesh

Mark starting to fillet the Mackerel, it is not my favourite fish but is nice in curries or on the BBQ

What are you grateful for today?

Have a lovely Sunday

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What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

As I mentioned yesterday I spent the week using us lots of bits and bobs from the fridge and freezer, we also had quite a lot of leftovers which lead to not a lot of cooking all week, while I love cooking, it was heavenly not to come home and cook every-single-night. Last Sunday I made a beautiful Melanzane Pasta Bake out of 2 gifted + 1 bought egg plant, as well as a lovely Roast Pumpkin and Roast Sweet Potato Curried Soup, those two meals alone did us for 4 nights plus a couple of lunches.

I can see, in the near future, when our Son moves into his own home, that we will be eating this way a lot more, making a couple of meals and feeding, just the two of us, all week long. 😊

So, now I only have some roasted pumpkin, a couple of sheets of puff pastry and cooked silverbeet it the freezer to use up, I will make another soup out of some of the roast pumpkin and some feta, roast pumpkin and silverbeet savoury rolls with the silverbeet and puff pastry. They will do us nicely for lunches this week.

Now on with what we bought, spent and ate this week-

What we bought

What we spent
Northside Discount Fruit Barn-$20.72
Marjax Meats-$11.75
Coles-$5.44 + $3.90 later in the week for some Greek Yoghurt

Total-$79.11-WHA HOO!, so good to be well under budget and to use up good food already at home

What we ate
Friday-It was just me for dinner so I had leftover Honey Mustard Chicken, it was divine

Saturday and Sunday-I made my Easy Asian Chicken Stir Fry to use up the snow peas and bean sprouts from the previous week, love no waste

Monday and Tuesday-Melanzane Pasta Bake

Wednesday-Tempura Whiting with steamed Basmati rice and Choy Sum

Thursday-Roast Pumpkin and Roast Sweet Potato Curried Soup with home made garlic bread, I will be posting this recipe next week, it's a corker.

So that was our week, in food, that we had at our place. Over to you, what have you been eating lately, I would love to know.

Have a lovely day

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This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

And happy Friday to you all, the very best day of the week, well it is for me anyway. The work week is almost over and the weekend is stretching out before me, full of home life. There is no place I would rather be than home, not at the shops, cinema or gym, just home, doing all the things that float my boat.

This weekend the boys are participating in  a two day fishing competition (if the weather holds, that is) so it will be just me at home, cleaning, baking, sewing and gardening. I love it when I have the house to myself, I turn up the music and get stuck into the jobs on the list, I feel really motivated and enjoy my solitude. Am I odd?

I hope you all have a lovely weekend full of things that float your boat.

Now on with the frugal stuff-

1. Except for work and taking the dogs for a walk every afternoon, I didn't go anywhere, so I saved money by staying at home

Lulu and Pippa, Lulu is the mum and Pippa is her daughter

2. Line dried all the washing

3. Preserved some chillies using this recipe

Delicious Chilli Jam

4. Used up lots of bits and bobs from the fridge and freezer to both save money and clear some space in the fridge and freezer

This mornings fridge

5. Made a couple of meat free meals this week, eating less meat saves money and is better for you

Roast Pumpkin and Roast Sweet Potato Curried Soup with home made garlic bread

Your turn, how have you saved money this week?

Have a fab Friday

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Here and Now 7

Hello Dear Reader,

It's been a while since I last posted a "Here and Now" blog post, I completely missed the boat last month and the lovely Sarah from Say Little Hen, hadn't hosted one for a while, but today I will make up for lost time.

Loving//the cooler weather, at last summer has let go

Eating//lots of leftovers after a mixed bag of a previous week and using up lots of bits and bobs from the fridge and freezer

Drinking//tea, as usual, lots of peppermint, sencha and liquorice. I buy the tea from the Redcliffe Jetty Markets on a Sunday, I take down the jars and they will fill them for me, cutting down on packaging. I also love a cup of de-cafe coffee on Sunday while watching Gardening Australia, I brew it in a Miss Lavazza Coffee Percolator, which belonged to my late FIL, it was a 30th Wedding Anniversary gift from my late MIL, so it is over 20 years old and still going strong. I buy the ground de-cafe from Neli Coffee, a local business.

Feeling//like I need to start sorting and packing up my late MIL home, next door to us, it's almost been a year since we lost her. I did actually do a little bit on Tuesday afternoon, I set myself 30 minutes to do as much as I could do in that time. I used that time to start sorting out the laundry, a fairly neutral place to start.

Making//lots of new to me recipes as well as inventing a few new ones as well

Thinking//how quickly this year is going already, hello middle of March

Dreaming//of a time when I will have more time to do all the things that tug at my brain-quilting, baking sourdough bread again and gardening

Pop on over to Sarah's lovely blog and check out her "Here and Now" as well as other Bloggers that join in this lovely link up.

Have a lovely day

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Thai Pesto Chicken with Coconut and Sweet Potato

Hello Dear Reader,

This recipe was inspired by another Pesto Chicken dish I made a while ago, I thought it would work wonderfully with my Thai Flavoured Pesto I made a couple of weeks ago, and I was right. Lots of sauce-y goodness, plus golden chicken, plus soft sweet potato, serve with rice and some greens on the side and dinner is done.

It's another great 5 ingredients recipe which I find wonderful, lots of flavour for only a handful of ingredients. I also use a hint from Mary Berry for getting great golden colour on your chicken, when you first put the chicken pieces in the fry pan, squeeze over a very small amount of honey, the honey will melt and start to "catch" and will turn the chicken golden brown without adding too much sweetness. Just a word of caution though, I own non stick, heavy based frypans and this technique works well with this cookware, may be not much with normal frypans.

Ingredients for Thai Pesto Chicken with Coconut and Sweet Potato, clockwise from top right-
1 kg of chicken thigh fillets, each one cut into thirds, 3 spring onions, chopped, 2/3 cup of Thai flavoured Pesto, bought or homemade, 400 gram of sweet potato, peeled and cubed and 1 can coconut cream

Brown chicken pieces in batches

Until golden brown on all sides

Add Thai Pesto and sauté until fragrant 

Now add in the coconut cream and sweet potato

Bring to a gentle boil, turn heat down and let blip away for 30 to 40 minutes 

Until chicken is tender and sauce has reduced

I served ours with steamed rice and choy sum

Delicious, nutritious and easy, what more could you want?

Have a lovely day

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