Chicken and Ginger Congee or Jook

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Chicken thigh fillets, rice, ginger and water, that's it 

Mix well, cook for 8 hours (on low) in the slow cooker 

Just about ready 

Chicken and Ginger Congee, served with finely sliced ginger, spring onions, light soy and sesame oil

This is an unusual dish, I say unusual because of its texture, more than anything. I first tasted it in Hong Kong, at Yum Char. The Jook or Congee, which is best described as a rice porridge (mmm doesn't that sound inviting) comes around in huge wooden buckets with cloth wrapped lids. It is supposed to be very good for you and is very easy to eat and digest. I am sure there are more variations of this dish then grains of rice in a cup, but it is usually quite simple.

We have this dish whenever my Mother-in-Law comes home from hospital, because - A) she will actually eat it B) it is easy to make, in the slow cooker and C ) it is nutritious. I now make the Congee in the slow cooker as the Congee doesn't get stuck on the bottom of the slow cooker bowl while cooking and is super easy to put it on in the morning before leaving for the hospital.

You can make as much or as little as you like, you just adjust the ratio.

The ratio is - 1 cup of rice to 9 cups of water

At first it may not look like it will ever thicken up, but eventually the rice breaks down completely and you are left with a "porridge like" consistency.

750 grams Chicken Thigh Fillets (I have also used Chicken Mince)
100 grams Ginger, peeled and chopped into big pieces
1 cup rice ( I use Basmati)
9 Cups of water

Add all of the ingredients to the slow cooker bowl
If your slow cooker has a "low" setting, choose this setting
Cook on low 8 hours
After about 4 hours give it a good stir and then again at the 6 to 7 hour mark
Serve with finely slivered Ginger, chopped Spring Onions, Light Soy and a dash of Sesame oil

So, tell me, is there a dish you make, that looks a bit odd or different, but tastes great?

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