Excess worm food

Hello Dear Reader,

Fruit and Vegie scraps blitzed in food processor 

What do you do when you have too much worm food for your worm farm?? I dig mine into our vegetable garden. I have a patch at the back that I don't plant out, and for the occasions when the worms just have too much food in the actual worm farm, I remove the mulch, turn a shovel full of soil and deposit the blitzed worm food and cover back up. I always blitz the worm food in the food processor as it is almost broken down for the worms therefore it is "processed" faster! I have had a worm farm for about 10 years, I love that we throw in scraps and are rewarded with liquid gold in the form of worm tea. We drain it about once a fortnight and use it in a ratio of 1 part worm tea to 9 parts water. It makes excellent soil conditioner.

Remove mulch 

Turn and remove shovel full of soil 

Add blitzed fruit and vegetable scraps 

Put soil back over worm food 
Simple and effective.

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