Free food

Pineapple in a pot and Birds Eyes Chillies 

As you might have guessed already, I am frugal, there I said it! It may not be in vogue or be popular, but thats me. I have always been careful with money, but even more so now with the cost of living pushed so high that the basics of food, water, electricity and petrol seem stupid crazy to me. My darling Dad once said if the price of petrol went over 50 cents a litre he would stop driving!! Oh my, what would he think now!

Any time I have the opportunity to save seeds from bought produce, I will. I simply remove and dry the seeds to use in our garden when it is the right time to plant out. Check out Gardenate for the right time to plant for your zone. For instance at the moment I have Butternut Pumpkins, Jalepeno and Birds Eye Chillies, Red Papaya trees(immature), Bellino and Cherry Tomato's. I also have a Pomegranate and a Lychee courtesy of my Son. The Lychee was grown by him, from seed and the poor Pomegranate was bought to Bonsai, but sat neglected for a few years till I took pity on it and planted it in a pot. It has reached for the stars and is in its second year of fruiting.

I am growing ginger from old knobs of bought ginger, that had developed little shoots and I sprouted new celery plants from bought celery bases. I also have some Comfrey growing in a pot that was kindly given to me by Rhonda of down---to---earth, I think I will eventually plant it in the corner of my postage stamp size vegetable garden. It is thriving for the moment but will run out of goodness in the pot. I learnt this from Morag at our-permaculture-life. I have made heaps of mistakes over the years and am always learning something new about gardening.

I do get disheartened when pests and disease spoil just about ready fruit or vegies but I do keep trying and I always try to find an ecological solution for a garden problem and work with what I have.

So, tell me, who else tries to grow food from free seeds or gifted plants? What works for you in your zone?

Pomegranate fruit 

Pomegranate in a pot 

Basil, Celery, Red Papaya, Rosemary and Lime tree at the back 

Cutest Pineapple in a pot 

Pumpkin vine to the left 



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