My Favourite Frying Pans and Cookware

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I seriously love this frypan and casserole, big time, they are completely and utterly non stick, no food ever sticks, ever! Apparently, they use real diamond crystals which gives them the unique finish. It is extremely long lasting and won't crack or peel. It was advised to use them on a medium heat to preserve the finish, which I have done (most of the time) They are super easy to clean because nothing sticks, ever!

Swiss Diamond 11 Inch Nonstick Frypan

Swiss Diamond 11 X 11 Inch Square Casserole with lid

The simple act of frying an egg in this pan is a joy, as is everything else I have cooked in them. The casserole with lid, did the most spectacular job of cooking thick Pork Loin chops. I started them out in the casserole on the cook top then popped the lid on a finished them in a preheated oven. I tell you those were amazing Pork Chops! Caramelised on the outside and perfectly moist and tender on the inside. I also took this advice, seriously, do it.

My Le Creuset Cast Iron Round Casserole

This Le Creuset round casserole, has to be my all time favourite piece of Kitchen Ware. I got it as a Birthday present years ago and use it constantly. It is what our sourdough is cooked in, it truly makes the best casserole and it works brilliantly on the cook top or in the oven. It is seriously heavy and has an enamel finish so not much sticks to it. The flavour you are able to generate with this beauty is amazing. I start most casseroles off with onions and garlic, you are able to really slow cook the onions till they are caramelised. That alone = flavour you can't get in a packet. These beautifully made, enamel on steel pots and pans, are made to last a lifetime, there really isn't too much you can do to damage them, it is the type of Kitchen ware that gets passed down to the next generation in families. 

Like all big ticket items, I shopped around for the very best price and then waited for my Birthday or Christmas to get them. I am a big fan of Peters of Kensington, they really do have amazing prices, the delivery charge is not too crazy and you can have items gift wrapped. You name a famous name in cookware and they will have it!

This post is not sponsored and the views are entirely my own.

So tell me, what is your favourite, can't do without Kitchen/Cook Ware item?

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