My Favourite Knives

Hello Dear Reader,
As I have mentioned my Husband is a mad keen fisherman and I think this is the reason we have surgically sharp knives in the house. He seems to collect knives and just this last Christmas he ordered some more for himself! My late Father-in-Law was the same, if fact just a few months before he passed away, he was still ordering more knives, for us and for himself, he had to have the best of the best even though he didn't get to use any of them. The brands he bought were all Japanese Steele (best of the best) and include - Tojiro, Shun and i.o.shen

Before these knives came into our lives I was happy using our Global Knives which, were also a present from my In-Laws. They were perfectly sharp, thanks to Hubby, and easy in the hand. And I thought knives were knives but WOW I have got to tell you my favourite knives now are the Tojiro brand. Not only are they surgically sharp they are such a fine blade and balance beautifully in the hand. They totally rock.

My Fav's are the second from the left and the last two on the right, all Tojiro.

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So tell me, what is your favourite, can't do without, brand of Kitchen Utensils?


  1. We have Wusthof (German-made) and it has lasted us well.

    1. Hi, my father in law was a big believer in German made knives, he had heaps of knives and I am sure there are some Wusthof left behind from him. They are made to last a lifetime.


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