My Favourite Tea

Hello Dear Reader,

Breakfast is Madura- Green tea and Papaya Leaf

During the day is Higher Living- Licorice tea

Evening is Pukka- Peppermint and Licorice tea

My favourite teas, at the moment, are the three pictured above, I just can't go without them. I know the Madura Green tea has caffeine in it, that's probably why I look forward to it so much of a morning. It certainly helps to wake me up. I have been drinking this Madura tea for over 10 years and just love it. My local supermarkets no longer carry it, so once a year I order it directly from Madura, I buy 7 packs at a time to get free postage.

The other two are fairly new to me, but it was love at first sip with both of them. That sweet lingering Licorice taste is just superb and I really look forward to it for morning tea and lunch. My night time cuppa is the Pukka one, it is stronger in Licorice taste and milder in the Peppermint, it is just DIVINE.

I drink my tea from my favourite tea cup, its bone china and it is huge. I call it my bathtub of tea. I have had it for probably 10 years or more, I did have two but gave the other set to my sister. It is a Roy Kirkham design called English Rose and is still available. I think it makes a difference to the whole tea experience if you drink from a cup that is fine.

This post is not sponsored and the views are entirely my own.

So tell me, what is your favourite brew? Do you try new ones all the time or stick with the ones you love?

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