This weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

1. Made a meal in the slow cooker 

2. Used some thrifted fabric to make a new peg bag 

3. Made home made peanut butter 

4. Picked Salad Leaves, Bok Choy, Tomatoes and Lemons from the garden 

5. Made Molasses Gingerbread 

This weeks 5 Frugal things, on a Friday, is basically a wrap of my week. On Saturday I made The Chicken and Ginger Congee in the Slow Cooker. The Slow Cooker uses less electricity to run and the actual Congee made 14 serving. I was able to freeze some for a later date. I will post the Congee Recipe soon.

My peg bag was looking a bit sad so I made a new one with some thrifted fabric, I will post a "How to make a peg bag" at a later date.

Made Molasses Gingerbread, using up some leftover Molasses and ingredients I already had.

I was able to pick some salad leaves, tomatoes and a lemon from the garden.

Made Peanut Butter for a fraction of the cost of bought Peanut Butter ( and its better )

There you go, my first " 5 Frugal things, on a Friday".

So, over to you, what have you been able to do, make or cook, this week, that was frugal or free?

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