Using Whey in the Garden

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Whey ready to be diluted and watered into the garden 

I had quite a lot of whey in the freezer from making Ricotta in the Thermomix even though I had made a few batches of pancakes made with whey (subbing the whey for the milk indicated in the recipe), there was still a lot of whey left and I really wanted to clear out the freezer (you know, New Year thing) So I did some research on how to use whey in the garden and what is it good for. Whey, apparently is way good, it contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other minerals that are essential for plant growth. However, like all good things moderation is the key. It is suggested to use a ratio of 1 part water to 1 part whey and avoid wetting the plants foliage if possible, instead water evenly around the soil around the plant. So that's what I did.

Zero Waste = Happy Fi

By the way I love my watering can, big time! I water all of the gardens and pot plants by hand due to a, now not working, water pump ( its on the list of things to buy/upgrade when we can afford them) The brand is Burgon and Ball, it is made of galvanised steel and is made to last. The rose makes watering a pleasure as the water gently falls on plants like rain. and the wide mouth makes filling a breeze. I try to buy things that will last, and it is so true - you get what you pay for. Like most things I purchase, this was saved and budgeted for. I think it makes purchases more special if you have to wait for them.

So, tell me, does anyone else use anything "not usually used in the garden" to fertilise plants or improve the soil?

Background-Self Seeded Passion Fruit vine reaching for the stars
Foreground- self seeded Cherry Tomato vine climbing on the lemon tree 

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