What we have eaten, so far this Year

On Tuesday afternoon we sit down for a millisecond and write the Menu/Shopping list for the following week. Hubby kindly does the shopping for me on a Wednesday and our local Supermarket catalogues also starts on a Wednesday and go through to the following Tuesday, so we always look out for any good catalogue specials. Our menu feeds three Adults, one of those being a family member who lives next door, is very unwell and eats like a sparrow. On the other hand my Husband eats enough for two, so really the quantities we buy and cook are for three to four average Adults. Our family member, next door, insists on shouting one meal as a take away. This is usually a Chicken and Artichoke Pizza from 8 slices Pizza Bar. They use quality ingredients and the amount of toppings is very generous. This pizza is not on their menu, but they are happy to make it for us.

This is what we have eaten so far this year

Friday 1st  -        Thai Red Chicken Curry with steamed Basmati rice & Papadums
Saturday 2nd -    Spinach and Ricotta Quiche and steamed broccoli
Sunday 3rd -       Tempura Fish, rice and Chinese greens
Monday 4th-       Pan fried Fish and big tossed salad
Tuesday 5th-       Ham and Spiced Apple sauce, mashed potato and steamed broccoli
Wednesday 6th-  Tuna Pasta bake and steamed green beans
Thursday 7th -     Pizza night
Friday 8th-          Spicy fish cakes, rice and Chinese greens
Saturday 9th-      Massaman Beef curry, rice & Papadums (Froze half)
Sunday 10th-      Yoghurt spiced chicken, rice and broccoli
Monday 11th-     Pan fried fish and big tossed salad
Tuesday 12th-     Chinese Style Pork Chops with rice and Chinese greens
Wednesday 13th- Beef and Bean stir fry and rice
Thursday 14th-     Pizza Night
Friday 15th-         Left over Beef and Bean stir fry and rice
Saturday 16th-     Curried Mince, rice and Papadums
Sunday 17th-       Pan fried fish and big tossed salad
Monday 18th-      Left over Massaman Beef Curry from freezer with home make pitta bread
Tuesday 19th-      I had just toast and peanut butter and a cup of tea because I went to see Nigella at                                    the Brisbane City Hall. Hubby had some steamed Pork buns from the freezer
Wednesday 20th- Still trying to remember
Thursday 21st-     We went out for Dinner (don't faint) at Aqua Linea, the dinner out was a very much
                               appreciated Christmas present!

The Creme Brulee at Aqualinea was superb!
Friday 22nd-        I had an egg on toast as Hubby was out
Satuday 23rd-      Chicken and Ginger Congee ( I will post this recipe soon)
Sunday 24th-       Chicken and Ginger Congee
Monday 25th-      Tempura Fish, rice and Chinese Greens
Tuesday 26th-      Slow Cooker Coconut Pork Curry, rice and Papadums

Phew that was exhausting and interesting so far we have had 6 fish meals ( Hubby is a very good fisherman) and 13 meals with rice (including the Congee) we must really like rice and why yes! Thursday night is Pizza Night.

So the plan from now on is to do a weekly "What we ate this week" Post, form now on.

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