Controlling Weeds in the Garden

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My son, at one stage, was really into the art of Bonsai and he still has quite the collection (with me now taking care of them) On one of these Bonsai plants there was a little green plant that he encouraged to grow. Well I still don't know what this insidious plant is but it is evil, evil I tell you!

At one stage it had taken over the whole yard, and has been so difficult to get rid of. I noticed when I was watering yesterday there are a few little out breaks of it, so today I am going to treat it with my home made weed killer.

I got the "recipe" from Colin Campbell on ABC's Gardening Australia, wasn't he an absolute gem of man! Missed by all.

This weed killer is made from simple White Vinegar and Common Salt. Two very cheap ingredient which you mix together and either spray on or apply with a small paint brush. I opt for the small paint brush as I have more control over where the weed killer goes. This is not a herbicide and it will kill any plant it touches, so be careful.


To one litre of white vinegar
Add one cup of cheapest cooking salt


Add salt and vinegar to a plastic bottle, screw on lid and shake to dissolve salt. I use a 2 litre vinegar bottle and usually have one or two spare to decant one litre of vinegar into.

You don't dilute this mixture, just use it straight. You can use it in a spray bottle but I find you have more control over it if you paint it on the weeds.

This is the culprit

Evil weed 

If there is any one out there that can identify it, I would be grateful to put a name to this pest of a weed. Whatever you do get rid of it early because its an absolute menace in the garden.

So, over to you, what homemade remedy, do you use in the garden, that works like a charm?

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