Coriander and Cashew Dip (Dairy Free)

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I love Coriander! It's a polarising herb to say the least, some people can't stand it and really, really hate it. I can't understand why? I think its a fresh, lively taste that I just can't get enough of. The actual herb grows like a weed, however it bolts to seed in our intense heat so I was delighted to discover this perennial variety. Its called Sawtooth Coriander and its leaf shape reflects its name. It is very easy to grow, you just need to cut off the prickly seed pods that develop.

For this recipe I used a mixture of inside, young leaves and outside, older leaves. It didn't seem to make a difference using the older, slightly tougher leaves. I was given this recipe by a presenter at the Brisbane International Garden Show. It is so fresh and delicious and a lovely change from a dairy based dip.

I have used my Thermomix to make this, however you could easily make this in a food processor.

Home Grown Sawtooth Coriander, torn into smaller pieces and Home Grown Common Mint 

Blitz for 10 seconds then add the Cashews and Coconut and Blitz again 

Add Chillies, Salt, Ginger, Brown Sugar and blitz, then add water and lime juice and blitz again 

Absolutely fresh and delicious Coriander and Cashew Dip


1 cup each of Cashew nuts, coriander, shredded coconut and water
1/4 cup mint
2 tablespoons lime juice, about the juice of 1 lime
1-2 red or green chillies, depending on how much heat you like
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt

In the Thermomix bowl blitz herbs
Add Cashews and Coconut and blitz till smooth
Add rest of ingredients and again, blitz till smooth

Serve with crackers or vegetable sticks.

So, over to you, what herb can't you do without? And what is your all-time favourite dip?

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