Home Made Ricotta

Ingredients for Ricotta: full cream milk, salt and vinegar. Thats it.
After heating milk, add vinegar
Let sit for 20 minutes
You need a colander and Organic cheesecloth, oh I mean a chux cloth, to line the colander
Rinse a clean chux with water and line the colander
Pour the curds and whey through the colander, capturing the whey in a bowl or jug
Over 1.5 litres of whey on the left and the "Ricotta" draining over the Thermomix jug on the right

Fold chux over "Ricotta", cover colander with glad and let drain overnight 
I package and freeze the whey in 350 gram lots for my Fluffy, Light Pancakes

So, as I mentioned above there are only 3 ingredients for Ricotta, there is a fourth if you want to add it. The fourth ingredient is cream, I find it gives the Ricotta more body and you end up with less crumbly Ricotta. On this occasion I just didn't have cream in the house and yes the Ricotta was more crumbly, but it is still delicious. 


2 Litres full cream milk
1 teaspoon salt
100 mls white vinegar
100 mls cream, if using

Method (I use my Thermomix)

Put milk, salt and cream (if using) in the Thermomix bowl
Cook for 18 minutes, 100 C, speed 2
Turn Thermomix to speed 4, NO HEAT, add vinegar, pouring it in quickly and turn off Thermomix immediately
Leave Ricotta to cool and separate into the curds and whey for 20 minutes
Pour curds and whey into a lined sieve and let sit for 30 minutes to drain
Cover and put into fridge to continue draining overnight and to firm up

Ricotta has so many uses, savoury and sweet, the recipe I use most is a Baked Ricotta, I will post the recipe soon.

You will get 500 grams of fresh creamy Ricotta from 2 litres of milk

So, over to you, have you made cheese at home? and what is your favourite way to eat Ricotta?

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  1. I had no idea that ricotta was so easy to make, I will have to give it a try!


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