Make a peg bag with me

Help Dear Reader,

I love this peg bag, this is the second one I have made. Its convenient to use and protects the pegs from the weather. I have used some thrifted fabric that I picked up at the local trash and treasure markets for $2 for 4 panels. The fabric is quite retro and and very good quality, nice and thick. I think the fabric was upholstery samples, I will have enough fabric to make another 2 peg bags. 

Materials you will need to complete this peg bag are:

Paper to make a pattern

A small coat hanger


Fabric of your choice

Threads to match your fabric

A sewing machine

Choose a coat hanger, make a pattern by tracing 2 cm's around the coat hanger (seam allowance), following its curves. You want to make the peg bag squarish in shape, so about as long as its wide

Draw three lines on it, 2 cm's apart (seam allowance), starting about a third of the way down from the top. Number the lines, as above. These numbers will indicate your two front panels. Top half on front panel on pattern is folded and the material is cut to line number 3 leaving a 2 cm seam. Bottom half of front panel on pattern is folded and the material is cut to line number 2 again leaving a 2 cm seam

The back cut out

The front two panels cut out

Measure in 5cm's from each end, on the 2 front panels, mark with a pencil, the gap in between will be the opening for the peg bag, do not sew all the way along

Put right sides together of the front panels and pin, sew in each side to the pencil line

Iron seams out flat, yes I have left an opening it just looks closed

Then fold seams over twice and iron flat

Sew on the edge of these seams

Front panels sewn together

Put front panels and back panel together with right side facing, and find the middle top where the coat hanger wire will come through

Indicate middle, on either side of hanger, with two pins. This is where you will stop sewing on either side

Mark a 2 cm seam allowance all the way around with a pencil and sew on this line

Clip corners so it will sit well

Turn out the right way, insert coat hanger

There you go, one super cute, practical, Peg Bag

I am a bit fussy with laundry. When I say fussy, I mean, I will put in a little extra effort during the washing and drying phase so that I don't have to iron very much or not at all. My Mum was an amazing ironer. She even used to iron sheets and tea towels. Mum was not a well lady and sadly, we lost Mum when I was in my mid 20's. Even though she was unwell Mum would iron almost all the washing. 

Lets just say that I didn't inherit her love of ironing. I line dry everything so I need good pegs. I have used Reva Pegs for ever as they are good quality and seem to last a long time. I love using a peg bag as you can move it with you and it protects the pegs. It may seem silly to be fussy about brand of pegs or doing things like par drying items in the dryer (barely 5 minutes) then putting them on coat hangers, but if that means I don't need to iron, then to me its worth the extra bother.

So, tell me, what house work do you "fuss" over? 

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