Pickings from the Garden

Hello Dear Reader,

2 bunches of Bok Choy 

Mixed Lettuce leaves, Cherry Tomatoes, 1 lemon, Sawtooth Coriander 

This weeks picking from the garden include-

Mixed Lettuce leaves: these were bought as a punnet and, unfortunately they have bolted to seed. When this happens it effects the taste of the leaves, they go quite bitter ( insert sad face here ) I have had success with lettuce, but in the cooler months. I won't bother with lettuce again in the heat of Summer.

Cherry Tomatoes: these plants self seeded and I transplanted them into pots. I have had some success with them however I find the fruit a bit acidic.We have been buying a brand of "snacking tomatoes" called Bellino, from Aldi. I kept one and de seeded it, dried the seeds and planted the seed out. The fruit is a little larger than the Cherry but is super sweet and not at all acidic. I now have 4 of these Bellino plants well on their way so I hope to report back with success, not only a healthy plant but sweet, delicious tomatoes.

Sawtooth Coriander: I purchased a punnet of this perennial Coriander at the Brisbane International Garden Show, last year. It has gone a bit mad in the vegie pod, I just cut off all the thorny seed pods and gave it a hair cut, as it was looking messy. I have plans to make a Cashew and Coriander dip, very soon and will post the recipe when I do.

Bok Choy: Is probably the easiest green vegetable to grow. Pictured above is the last two bunches from the garden, I will plant some more seeds out this week. I try to do successional planting, but time always gets away from me. The seeds I used are ones I had saved from letting a few plants go to seed. They were huge by the time they had finished flowering, as an added bonus I had bee's galore around the flowers, it was a joy to see.

Lemons: I have had my Lemon tree for 10 years. I have it in a large clay pot and it does alright. I try to keep the fertiliser up to it so it is basically healthy. However I am constantly spraying it for leave curl with Eco Oil and it always ends up with a few citrus gall wasps, which I cut out and dispose of. Through all this, the Lemon tree keeps going. I usually end up with about 3 dozen Lemons over the season, which is just lovely. 

As you can see, pickings from my garden are very slim, however I am grateful for what I can grow and will try to treat any pests with a natural solution. 

So, over to you, who has success growing food in the garden, on a large or small scale? Is there a fruit or vegetable that you just can't go without growing yourself?

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