Raspberry Cordial

Blitz 500grams of Frozen Raspberries
Add sugar 
Add juice of one Lemon, 500 grams Water and cook at 100 C for 30 minutes on speed 3, then blitz on speed 9 for 1 minute

Sieve Seeds
1 Litre of Raspberry Cordial
Decant to a glass bottle and keep in the fridge

This is super delicious and so easy, you just have to try it. I don't often look for a sweet cold drink, usually preferring just our cold filtered water when I am feeling the heat. This, however, tastes and feels like a treat, when mixed with mineral or soda water. It fizzes fantastically and is thirst quenching. Wow what a mouth full!


500 grams frozen Raspberries

500 grams sugar

500 grams water
Juice of one lemon


Place frozen Raspberries in the Thermomix bowl, grind on speed 10 for 1 minute, scraping down the bowl twice
Add sugar, water and lemon juice
Cook on 100 C for 30 minutes on speed 3
After it has finished "cooking" gradually dial up the speed to 9 and blend for 1 minute
It will be super hot, so let cool a little before sieving and decanting
Pour cordial into a sieve placed over a glass jug
Using a spatula, press cordial through sieve to remove fine seeds
Decant into a glass bottle 

To serve, pour a small amount of cordial into a tall glass, add ice and cold Soda water, enjoy!

So, tell me, what is your favourite tipple on a super hot and humid day?

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