What does your day look like?

Hello Dear Reader,

I know everyones day is different and unique to them. I work full time, so there is a limit to how much I can get done in the hours left over from being in full time employment, during the week. However I love my Weekends, I feel I can be so productive with the daylight hours and try and cram in as much as I can. So this past Weekend, in no particular order, I...

Made Raspberry Cordial 

Made Pineapple cordial with the skin and core of our first homegrown Pineapple for the season

Made Chocolate cake to go with family lunch on Sunday, that was SO delicious and moist, I will post this recipe soon, its a keeper. 

Picked and cut up some Jalapeño Chillies from the garden 

And pickled the Chillies in Mum Pickling Vinegar 

Marinated then roasted a Butterflied shoulder of Lamb for family Sunday lunch 

Picked herbs and lemons from the garden for above Marinade 

Picked Basil and Lime from the garden for a Thai Green Curry for Saturday nights dinner.

Other than all the above action in the Kitchen I also did about 5 loads of washing, folded it and put it away, I packed my lunch for Monday, I made a big tossed salad and Crushed Roasted Potatoes to have with the family lunch on Sunday, I transplanted 4 Bellino Tomato plants ( which I grew from saved seeds) into bigger pots, I spread Dynamic Lifter around the garden when it was raining, De-haired the lounges (very hairy cat) and tidied the main areas of the house. 

Phew! What a Weekend, but I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. 

So, tell me, what did you get up to on the Weekend or during the Week? 

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