What we buy in China Town

Hello Dear Reader,

The haul from out last China Town trip

My Husbands heritage is Chinese. He is pretty watered down but his Dad instilled in him to be proud of this heritage. Food, and lots of it, was always a very big part of his families life. Their pantries, fridges and freezers were so chock a block with food I am sure they really didn't know what they had in there.

I take the opposite approach, in that I only buy what I need for a week and make sure every last food item is used up. No waste, ever. Above is some shopping we did on the way home from visiting my Mother in Law, who is still in hospital. What we buy is only a shadow of what my Husbands Mum, Dad and Gran would have bought and this will last us a good while. 

So, itemised below, is what we bought and how we use it.

Starting in the bottom left hand of the picture, working anti-clock wise

Tempura flour - Tempura fish, our favourite way to eat delicate fish like whiting

Raw Australian Peanuts - for best homemade Peanut butter and a Peanut soup which uses Pork, green Paw Paw and dried plums ( my all time favourite Chinese soup )

Oyster Sauce - we use this in stir fries and on Chinese greens

Sesame oil - again used in stir fries and to finish dishes like Congee and Omelettes

Ayam sauces - I love these good quality sauces, they make a quick meal and contain no numbers or artificial ingredients 

Red Bean Curd - used in one of Gran's hand me down recipes " Red Bean Curd Pork" one of our absolute favourites 

Spices - this time I picked up some more chilli flakes, Ground Cumin and Coriander, hands down best prices and value for money

Fu Ye - Chilli fermented bean curd, we serve this with most of our Chinese meals. My husband calls it Chinese vegemite. It is salty and a little bit goes a long way and I just love it

Dace in Blackbean - this is a dried, salted fish in blackbeans and oil, my Husband loves this, not for me though. He has it heated through as a side dish 

Blackbeans - great for stir fries

A block of Tamarind - to add the sour element to Thai dishes, lasts for ages in the fridge

We also bought some Chinese Barbecue Pork which did us for 2 meals, served sliced finely with steamed Basmati rice and Chinese greens (with oyster sauce)

As I mentioned this shop will last us quite a while and really only go shopping in China Town about 3 to 4 times a year. It is worth the trip as the prices are so much cheaper than the Stupidmarkets and of course there is a lot of stuff that you simply can't buy there.

So, over to you, where do you shop that is so much cheaper than the normal supermarkets? What do you buy there?

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