Caramelised Garlic

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This is such a simple idea that adds loads of flavour to any savoury dish where you would normally use garlic. Caramelising Garlic makes it sweet and soft and takes the normal garlic piquancy to a whole new level.

When you next have the oven on, cooking something else, just lop the top off of a whole garlic bulb, wrap it loosely in foil around the bulb itself but give it a good seal at the top. Then just sit the little parcel in the oven (I find it best around 160 C for 1 hour, and when you think about it there are lots of things cooked at that temperature) When its finished cooking take the garlic out of the oven and let it cool completely in the foil parcel.

The Caramelised Garlic will keep for about a week in a sealed container in the fridge, ready and waiting to be added to home made hummus, greek yoghurt (fantastic as a dressing or for dipping vegies) , mashed potato and any meat dish that calls for slow cooked or caramelised garlic.

Raw garlic bulb with the tops cut off 

Wrapped in foil, loose around the bulb but sealed well 

After 1 hour at 160 C, the garlic will be soft and sweet and has lost all its sharpness

So, tell me, what kitchen hack to you use that adds loads of flavour to your meals?

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