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We love Cruising, to us it is the perfect holiday, you unpack once, see parts of the world at a slower pace, your room is cleaned and tidied every day, the food is just delicious and you get to meet people from all walks of life. There is so much happening on board and a lot of it is absolutely free, however there is plenty on offer that DOES cost a lot of $$$. When you board, your Cruise card is linked to a nominated Credit Card, so it is easy to just hand over your innocent looking Cruise card and not think twice about what is being charged to your Credit card. I am not saying don't spend a thing, what I am saying is be careful as I have heard horror stories about huge bills at the end of Cruises.

So my tips for saving your $$$ while on a Cruise are-

Check if you are allowed to bring any drinks on board (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic) it can save you a small fortune just by doing that. With Princess line you are allowed to bring on board 1 bottle of wine per adult. And I know with P & O you are allowed a certain amount of bottled water or canned soft drink. It is worth checking the small print for this. 

When going ashore for the day, fill your water bottles from the water and ice machines in the buffet area. Again it saves you buying hyper inflated prices on bottled water and I just hate buying water. Obviously if you can justify it, go ahead, I simply can't. 

You will be photographed at every given opportunity from Formal Nights to Theme Nights, Embarkation and disembarking at the next destination. Apart from the Formal Nights we try and avoid the photographers if we can. I have purchased a couple of photos, one or two from the very first Cruise and one from this last Cruise. They are quite good quality and this last one is especially lovely as we are both clowning around in it and look really happy. Buy only the photos you love and don't feel obliged to buy them just because they took them. Again they will try and up sell you, just say no thanks. 

Every day, especially on a sea day (not stopping at a port) there will be an expo of some sort - Art Auction, Jewellery Launch and Seminars (only this one time, it will never happen again, in the history of Cruising) Duty Free Sales, Acupuncture lectures , don't forget Bingo, Introduction to Chinese Herbs, Fitness Seminar and thats just the tip of the "you have to spend all your money, now, cause you are on holidays and you deserve it!" iceberg. Don't fall for it, ask yourself would you ever buy this c#@p or attend this kind of seminar while at home, if not, don't do it at sea. Again, by all means, go along to these things if they are you cup of tea but think about what you would pay for this service when at home. 

Bring along head ache and sea sickness tablets just as a precaution, you don't want to pay the stupid prices they charge for simple medication on board. There is a full medical team on board for medical emergencies and of course you have to pay for this service, make sure you get Travel Insurance and read the fine print especially if you have an illness or are already unwell at time of boarding. 

View from our room, we were kindly ungraded. Win 

You have to be a bit careful about what and how much you eat, you don't want to be trying to get rid of the holiday excess months after getting home. These little fruit tarts were our treat after lunch, every day. 

Arriving at beautiful Airlie Beach 

The Sea Princess at anchor 

Hubby enjoying some sublime real fruit icecream at the markets in Airlie Beach, it was so hot the icecream was just what we needed. 

It was wonderful to catch up with our Daughter and her Partner while in Yorkeys Knob. We had lunch at Lime and Peppers in Palm Cove, about 30 minutes drive from Yorkeys. We have eaten there before and the food and service is sensational. 

I thought it was unusual to see a White Cockatoo at the beach 

A lovely little church in Port Douglas, isn't that view beautiful 

A huge Mango tree in Port Douglas 

An ornamental Ginger growing in the Church grounds

So, over to you, I am sure there are lots of other ways to save while Cruising, these are just a few hints that I have picked up over the years. What ways have you or do you save while Cruising or on holidays?

This post is not sponsored and the views are entirely my own. 

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