Home made Tahini

Hello Dear Reader,

This is yet another, better that bought, home made food item that I make on a regular basis. Only two ingredients and so easy. Again I use my Thermomix, as you can roast the sesame seeds and then blitz the seeds, all in one bowl.

You could, very lightly, roast the sesame seeds in a very slow oven and then blitz them in a food processor, however you would have to do a larger quantity or have a food processor with a smaller bowl for it to work effectively.

I use this home made Tahini in my home made Hummus, which I never tire of.  I also love it mixed with honey and spread on these crackers, super delicious and nutritious.

 Sesame oil and Sesame seeds 
Add sesame seeds to bowl and dry roast at 100 C for 10 minutes speed 1

Then add sesame oil and blitz for 25 seconds on speed 10
Scrap down and blitz again for 10 seconds on speed 9
Smooth and delicious Tahini


200 grams hulled sesame seeds
20 grams sesame oil


Put seeds into the Thermomix bowl and dry roast for 10 minutes at 100 C, speed 1

Blitz for 25 seconds, speed 9

Scrape down sides

Add oil and blitz for 10 seconds, speed 10, or until super smooth and no longer gritty

Keep in sterilised jar in the fridge

I quite often make a half quantity, as I have done above, so when I use it, it is always freshly made

So, tell me, what home made goods do you make that are better than shop bought?

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