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I have quite a few Blogs that I read, for inspiration, every day. Most of them are in the same vein as my blog - money saving, cooking great food from scratch, gardening, being at home, being frugal and being kind to our environment. Every day I read wonderful examples of what I strive to do and be.

I love that there are intelligent, strong women excelling in the big blog world, by just telling how they live their lives and as I have been following some of these blogs for a long time I know they are true to their typing and that there is no BS to be found in their blogs. Below are my favourite blogs and why.

Down to earth- This is the blog that really consolidated my gear shift toward a simpler life. Rhonda's life before her gear shift was one of "mindless acquisition" which I think is the one thing that is stopping a lot of people from living their true lives. She turned her attention to her home and used all the skills she already had and learnt new ones to actively create and live a simple life. I loved her first book "Down to Earth" and she has just released a second book "The Simple Home" which I will order soon from Book Depository (best prices around)

A practical and beautiful peg bag that I learnt to make from the Down to Earth Blog 

Frugal Queen- I just adore how she writes, absolutely no BS. What you see is what you get. She writes about her real, life getting out of financial difficulty and creating a fabulous life on a budget. She and her Husband have just bought a "fixer upper" in Brittany, France, where they plan to retire. She is bold and brave and as I said no BS!

Froogs (as she is known) encourages us all to use up every morsel of food. No waste, ever! And a lot of her recipes are french inspired. 

The Frugal Girl- Again, I love how she writes, no nonsense, very practical, and just has a lovely family. She home schools, cooks from scratch, mends, in sources her life and genuinely seems very content in her life. It makes me happy every day to read what she is up to.

Advice from The Frugal Girl - Why make one loaf when you can fit up to 3 in the oven at one time! 

Mean Queen- This is a fairly new one for me, she is definitely no nonsense, calls a spade a spade and is living a great life on a very small pension in England. She is energetic, creative, and has time to source absolute bargain buys at her local supermarkets, where all grocery items are marked down to unbelievable prices. I do not have the time to do this on a regular basis but I will pick up markdowns that I can use on my infrequent visits to the supermarket

Reduced bargain, I pickled these sweet chillies, and saved the seeds to plant out 

Pickled Red Cherry Pepper 

Our Permaculture life- This is the way I want to live, creating a sustainable life with minimal environmental impact. Morag lives a very busy and full life but it is such a rich life in experiences and is very family focused. I just love to read about what she accomplished in a day. It gives me hope for my future life. Morag is presenting a course I am doing in May "Beginners guide to Permaculture". I can't wait to learn what I need to know so I can have a more productive garden

The first and only Pumpkin I have been able to grow, so far 

Mels kitchen cafe- As I have mentioned before, I have kind of a huge girl crush on this wonderful woman. Her blog is all about finding the perfect recipe for almost anything you can make or cook. I have said, I think of her kitchen as a test kitchen, she doesn't blog about a recipe until it is perfected. I think she is amazing as she has 4 boys to look after as well as creating a wonderful, never fail recipe blog.

Valentines Day Sweet Strawberry Pie Cake 

My Abundant life- I love this blog as Wendy writes about being thankful for her abundance. Do you remember, during the nineties , the book - Simple Abundance? Well her writing reminds me of this book, that, I think, we all read, (courtesy of OPRAH) It reminds us to be thankful every day for simple things like food, family, friends and home.

Freshly picked Rocket and Tomatoes from our garden 

Frugalwoods- Again, this is a new one for me, I discovered it when I typed in "Extreme Frugalism" and have been hooked ever since. It is an American Blog I love this couples togetherness through thick and thin to achieve their goal. And what a goal! to be retired at 35 living the dream on a Vermont ranch.

Recycled jars to re-use when I make pickled chillies, lemon or lime butter, or just for storage. Frugalwoods quote- "Why buy when you can get it for free"

So, tell me, what are your favourite blogs and why? 


  1. I like Down-To-Earth, too, and another favorite of mine is Brandy's story how she became what she is now, makes me speechless.

    1. Hi Miriam, thanks for the heads up about "theprudenthomemaker" I will have a look over the weekend.

  2. I'm still really enjoying your blog, but it is a bit mystifying to me (as an ex-pat yank currently living here in AU) that people here in AU will say things like "Although it's American...." but do not say such things about other countries. I think it is important to both be mindful of your audience as well as to remember that we can be the change we want to see in the world. Several of those blogs you mentioned seemed to be from a different country (like France and the UK) and so each and every entry should be shown in the most positive light as a show of respect for all.

  3. Hi, I like reading your blog! I'm always looking for more Australian blogs. I just thought I'd add another amazing blog that I love even though it's not Australian, it is my all time favourite : g. Donna's Generations Before Us. Erika. H Gold Coast


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