My Favourite Kitchen Gadgets, that I actually use, all the time

Hello Dear Reader,

Do you have a draw full of kitchen gadgets that you just don't use? I did, until I did this. Now I have a spanking clean and tidy "second draw down" and keep the equipment I use each and everyday in a recycled ceramic vase, on the counter top. Below are my fav's, simple gadgets that I would be lost without.

Anti-clockwise from bottom left hand corner -

Microplane grater-I use it for everything from zesting to grating parmesan cheese, garlic and ginger
Avo Saver- self explanatory AND it works

Tomato saver - again, self explanatory AND it works - I know its just a tomato shaped container with a tight fitting lid, but it really does keep the tomato as good as the day I cut it! 

Lemon/Lime saver- Same as above

Speed peeler- best I have used, stays super sharp, great for all fruits and vegies 

Spiral Whisk- best for making a Roux as it gets into all the nooks and crannies, guaranteed no lumps 

Spatulas- my mum would have loved these silicon spatulas, just so flexible 

Silicon oven mitts- so safe, very easy to grab dishes from the oven and super easy to clean 

Wooden citrus reamer- just love the simplicity of this juicer 

Rice spoons- I don't use these, any more, for serving rice, as my rice pot inner is a non stick finish, however, they make the very best serving spoons 

Flexible bowl scraper- easily and quickly scraps out every last bit of dough from the bowl 

All my frequently used gadgets in easy reach

So, tell me, what is your, can't do without, kitchen gadget? AND what kitchen gadget do you or did you have that is absolutely useless.

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