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I am a bit of a procrastinator, if I don't have a list or a schedule, I tend to find something else to do rather than the task at hand. That is why I have a housework schedule. I have followed it for years and it works for me. I do a little bit each day, of an afternoon when I get home from work. By dividing it up into smaller more achievable chunks, at the end of the fortnight I have all the basics covered.
As for the big stuff like cleaning windows and blinds, I tackle these when the mood takes me (which, I have to say, is not that often). When we built this house we had beautiful timber blinds made to measure, expensive but beautiful, unfortunately we don't have eaves and so over the years those poor blinds have been knocked around by the weather. If we ever move or build again I will not have these blinds but go for the plastic look alike, that means no sanding back and re oiling - ever!

I am also in the process of making my own household cleaners, as I finish a cleaning product I make a home made one to take its place. I have successfully made 2 batches of home made laundry liquid so far, and I am just loving it. For the toilets I use white vinegar in the bowl and a eucalyptus spray to wipe over the rest of the toilet. For the shower I have been using clove oil for any mould and Bicarb Soda on the tiles and glass. When I finish the Glass cleaner, in the same bottle I will mix up some watered down Methylated Spirits as I have heard it's just great for cleaning any glass or mirrors. I am also a huge fan of Gumption, its just fantastic on stubborn stains. I have also accumulated lots and lots and cleaning cloths, each one a difference texture ,so I have a cleaning cloth for all cleaning jobs.

My cleaning products and cloths 

So this is how a fortnight of cleaning jobs is tackled in my home-

Week 1 
Monday - Clean Showers from top to toe
Tuesday- General tidy, Do a load of work sheets
(Hubby and Son run a Therapeutic Massage business)
Wednesday- Washing - usually 3 loads, Clean Toilets, Hubby does the vacuuming
Thursday- General tidy, Finish off any washing from yesterday, Do a load of work sheets, Menu 
and shopping list
Friday- Wipe over kitchen, Hubby does grocery shopping, Wash work sheets from today
Saturday- Dust and polish timber surfaces, de-hair lounges with sticky roller
(very hairy, little black cat), 3 loads of washing
Sunday- Wash bed sheets and bath towels, water garden

Week 2
Monday- Clean Vanities and bath
Tuesday- General Tidy, Wash work sheets
Wednesday- Washing, Clean toilets, Hubby vacs and mops
Thursday- General tidy, Finish off any washing from yesterday, Do a load of work sheets, Menu 
and shopping list
Friday- Wipe over kitchen, Wash work sheets from today
Saturday- Polish all glass and mirrors, de-hair lounges, 3 loads of washing
Sunday- Wash towels, water garden

So that's how I keep on top of my house. It is very regimented, but like I said, it works for me. As well as our home we look after my Mother in Law, who lives next door to us. She is in a position where she can pay to have people come in and clean and look after her house and has done for years. So at least I don't have to clean her house as well. We still do a lot of daily tasks for her as well as have dinner together every night, but the main cleaning is taken care of. She also has two little Jack Russell dogs which I take for a walk every afternoon. We are lucky to have a good walking track near us so I don't need to load them into a car first to get to a good walking area. 

So, tell me, how do you tackle your home and garden? Do you have a schedule or do you make it up as you go?

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