This weeks 5 Frugal things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

It's been another busy week, and it has just flown by. I am like a duck on water at the moment, all looks serene from afar but I am furiously trying to keep paddling to stay afloat. Even though we just had a weeks holiday I am so tired, hopefully I will get some rest on the weekend (hah) I know already my weekend will be busy, as the garden needs my attention.

As I have told you our little holidays are always saved and budgeted for, so with that in mind I am back into the swing of living as frugally as I can so that we CAN go on holidays, have the money spare to pay all the bills upfront, eat well, have an emergency fund and keep growing our savings. All those little frugal ways add up in the end. For us, it is worth it.

Here are this weeks 5 Frugal things on a Friday

1. Made a loaf of Rye and Grain Bread and 2 Fruit Loaves from scratch
2 Fruit loaves, cooling 

Rye and grain bread, on its first rise 

2. Hung the washing out to dry in the sunshine (plenty of that)

3. Rode my bike to work each day

4. Collected the warm up water in the shower and used it on the fig trees out the front

5. Took my lunch to work every day

Nothing new, just the same money saving ideas that are part of our every day life

So, tell me, what have you done this week that was frugal or free?

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