This weeks 5 frugal things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

It's been another busy week, with work and visiting my Mother in Law, who, is still in hospital and will be until after Easter, unfortunately. I have been kept busy with looking after our house and giving my Mother in Laws little dogs some time as well, poor little things are probably wondering what is happening. I am super tired at the moment, in fact I slept through my alarm by a whole hour yesterday morning, it was still alarming when I finally woke up! Hopefully our lives will settle down when my Mother in Law finally comes home from hospital, although, she will need more supervision, so things will still be crazy for a while, I guess!

Here is how I went on the frugal front:

1. Ate lots of free prawns which were given to us by a friend, they were so appreciated and totally delicious

2. Cleaned the house with mostly home made cleaners

3. Hung all the washing out in the sunshine to dry

4. Planted out some saved seeds from Bellino Tomatoes, Pak Choy and Sweet Chilli

5. I started another Patchwork Quilt on Monday ( I have a day off once a month) The origins of Patchwork is very frugal as it was a way of re-purposing fabric from almost worn out clothes. Today, however, we have access to an amazing array of fabric. I have only been patchworking for 3 years and I have made eleven Quilts ranging from two baby size quilts to one almost double size quilt I made for my sister, oh and one for our cat, Ninja. As you can see below, Ninja loves sitting on or laying on fabric, it must be the smell! It is a wonderful hobby and have plans to make a Quilt for us soon.

The very first, very wonky Quilt, made mostly from thrifted fabric

So, tell me, what have you done this week that is frugal or free?

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