What I get done in a day

Hello Dear Reader,

As I work full time, I try and make the most of my time at home. To make this happen I get up early and get the day off to a good start. This is how yesterday went.

Woke to the alarm at 4.50 am, the sun is getting up later now, so it's beginning to be a bit of a struggle to get up!

Fed Ninja, our beautiful black cat and opened the door for her

Ninja, our Cat 

Boiled the kettle and made my tea
My breakfast tea is Madura Green Tea and Papaya Leaf 

Emptied the dishwasher and put away the dishes and cutlery

Cut up fruit for our breakfasts, added yoghurt and put it away in the fridge for breakfast a bit later

Two bowls of Fruit and Yoghurt 

Got out my packed lunch and put it in my lunch bag to take to work

Went into the office and posted a blog for the day

Watered some of the garden, pulled out some weeds and tidied the yard as I walked through it

Checked what was on the menu for dinner ( Pan fried fish with a big tossed salad) The boys went fishing on the weekend and caught some beautiful fish. Tonight we are having Parrot Fish.

Had my beautiful breakfast of Home Made Muesli and fruit and yoghurt and the best cup of tea, looked at my favourite blogs while I ate breakfast

Showered and dressed for work

Fed my sourdough starter, I am waking it up to make a Spicy Fruit and Nut Sourdough this afternoon

Fed the Sourdough Starter 

Left home at 7.15 am to ride to work

Got to work and started at 7.30 am

Finished work at 4 pm and rode home (unfortunately, with a flat tyre) Will have to take the rim to the bike shop this afternoon, after work. Driving to work today.

Unpacked and washed up my lunch containers

Had a quick cuppa and a piece of toast with cream cheese and semi-dried tomatoes and oregano

Packed my lunch for the next day

Cleaned the bathroom vanities and mirrors

Used home made cleaners to clean the Bathrooms 

Soaked the used cleaning cloths in Aldi brand Oxy Action soaker

Picked some Rocket and some Bellino tomatoes from the garden

Rocket and Tomatoes from our Garden 

Started making a big tossed salad

Went next door (Mother in Law home) and gave her dogs a walk, feed them dinner and spent some time with them, Rang and talked to my Mother in Law while we were there (She is in hospital at the mo)

Finished putting the salad together, while Hubby cooked the fish

Freshly caught Pan Fried Parrot Fish 

Big tossed Salad 
Sat down for dinner at 7.15

Cleaned up the kitchen

Showered and got ready for bed

Went to bed and read 2 other blogs and checked my stats on my blog

Went to sleep at 8.45

This is a normal day for me, I love my mornings and even though it is a struggle to get up, I love that I can get so much done before I start work.

So, tell me, what does your day look like? Are you a Lark or an Owl?


  1. Oh I love these "day in the life" posts so much! Do all your work days tend to follow this same pattern? I work full-time as well but with a long commute and am inspired by all you did before/after hour work day.

    1. Hi Joy,
      Yes my days do follow a rhythm that is very familiar to me. I have worked in the same occupation for the last 5 years and I think this will be my retirement job. It's perfect for me, very close to home, lovely people and job satisfaction. It ticks all the boxes.I try and ride to work most days but I have been very tired lately and have driven this whole last week. It is literally a 2 minute drive, not even enough for a whole song on the radio. Have a great day and thanks for visiting


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