What we ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

The days are just flying by and Easter nearly is upon us, we have had a very busy week again as my Mother in Law is still in hospital although, at this stage, she may be home before Easter. Not at all sure that that is the right decision! But at least it will save us from travelling over the Easter break. Thank heavens for small mercies. I can't wait for our lives to settle down a bit and have some kind of normality.

At the moment the only constant kind of normal is our dinner time. We enjoyed more prawns this week in the form of good old Curried Prawns - delicious!

So, this is what we ate this week

Wednesday- Curried Prawns, Steamed Basmati Rice and steamed Broccoli

Thursday - Eggs on Toast (very late night due to hospital visit)

Friday- Creamy Bacon and Asparagus Pasta

Saturday- Pizza (Dominoes had a customer appreciation day and offered 50% off your order)

Sunday- Left Overs (thankful for an easy meal due to hospital visit)

Monday- Pan fried Fish and a big tossed salad

Tuesday- Vegetable Curry, Steamed Basmati Rice, Papadums and greek yoghurt

As you know, we very rarely have any kind of takeaway, but with the 50% off voucher it made it an affordable treat

So, tell me, what were the eats at your house this week? Any good "takeaway specials"

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