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Hello Dear Reader,

We have had some welcomed rain over the last week, it's so lovely not to have to water and the plants are just loving the rain. I did some gardening last Sunday and I have to say the garden looks really good.

I removed the last of the spent Basil plants (keeping heaps of seed heads to replant, when I am ready) Where the Basil plants were I planted another 2 Red Paw Paw plants (which I raised from seed from bought Paw Paw), I am hoping I have a mixture of Male and Female plants so they can pollenate each other. I noticed that our next door neighbour have an established Paw Paw in their garden, almost in the exact location where I have planted mine. Theirs are fruiting so I am hopeful about getting mine to fruit as well.

I went through and used my home made weed killer on this weed and because of the rain softening the ground I was able to pull out any other nuisance weeds. I turned any exposed soil over, gave it a good feed of dynamic lifter and worm juice from our worm farm and then topped it with a thick layer of sugar cane mulch, ready for planting.

The last of this seasons sweet Pineapples, I have saved the spiky top to propagate a new Pineapple plant

I have planted the last of the Pineapple tops I took off our home grown Pineapples, so that, very long growing cycle, is starting over again. I find it incredible that a new plant can be grown from the spiky top of the old plant, Mother Nature is amazing. It will be about 12 - 18 months before the new Pineapple tops will produce fruit, yes, a long winded affair, but I still enjoy it.

I have also planted out some more of the Bellino tomato seeds (saved seeds from bought tomatoes), the ones I planted in January, have gone wild and can't wait to pick our first fruit off these very robust plants. The other fruit I have planted is a very sweet mini capsicum, the seeds are again from bought fruit.

As you can see my garden costs very little to keep going in terms of money and time and I am so grateful when it rains as I have a lot of plants in pots and they dry out quickly.

I am doing a "Introduction to Permaculture" in May this year. I am hoping I can improve my chances of actually getting produce to maturity. In a lot of cases I end up with very little to show for my time as pests and diseases seem to love anything I plant!

From left- Marigold , Rocket, Sage, Nastursums and Watercress 

A close up of the Bellino Tomato bush in fruit, at the back is my Lemon tree and Lychee tree in pots. To the left of the tomato bush in the 2 larger red pots are the 2 little Red Paw Paw plants ready to be transplanted, the other plant in the smaller red pot is a another self seeded Passionfruit vine. I will wait till it gets big and strong and plant it at my Sisters place. 

Our self seeded Passionfruit vine has gone nuts 

The first 2 Red Paw Paw trees have really grown big and strong, I can't wait to see if they fruit. These were also grown from saved seeds 

This is where I planted the 2 new Red Paw Paw plants, its where the huge Basil plants were. To the left and at the back is a worm tower that hubby put in for me about a month ago. 

The Perenial Coriander has had lots of little babies, I will pot these on and give them away when they are more established. 

3 Bellino Tomato bushes grown from saved seeds 

Very healthy Ginger plants grown from sprouted, shop bought ginger. See how much they have grown from here

So, tell me, what is growing in your garden at this time of year, in your part of the world? 

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