Whats growing in the garden

Hello Dear reader,

I went for a walk last Saturday afternoon around the garden, taking some photos as I went. I love my little garden. It's probably not as productive as it could be but I try my best with the little time I have to give it.

Jalapeños grown from saved seeds 

The Pomegranate has started to bloom again 

Bellino Tomatoes grown from saved seeds 

These Cherry Tomatoes have self seeded and are growing in gravel 

Kaffir Lime Tree 

The Red Paw Paw trees are reaching for the sky. I am hoping I have both a male and a female plant so they can cross pollenate! 

The Pak Choy I planted from saved seeds have all come up 

The Silverbeet is still going 

So, tell me, what is growing in your garden at the moment? How do you your excess produce?


  1. What a delight to view your lovely little garden and what good luck to be able to enjoy produce from plants germinated from free seed. Our little garden is also in a courtyard in 3 small but separate garden beds. This summer we have grown rainbow chard, a variety of tomatoes, habonaro chillis and herbs. I did plant choy sum which grew well but I only I only managed to harvest as they started going to seed early in the season. I am just about to sow the choy sum again along with saved Kale seed from a friend. I hope they fair well in the cooler climate.

    1. Hi Therese, thanks for commenting, it does bring me so much joy to see plants coming up from seed I have saved. thanks for dropping by.


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