A walk around the garden

Hello Dear Reader,

On this past weekend, I went for a walk through my small garden, as you see there isn't much land on either side of the house. I have a small "veggie garden" at the side of the shed, which, over the years has had a lot planted in it, not always successfully, but I always have something in it. I now have 4 Red Paw Paw trees planted there and they are doing really well, which I am so excited about. I also have a lot of plants in pots of all shapes and sizes and if I keep the water up to them, they do reasonably well.

View from the Boat Shed, on the right hand side of the house, looking toward the back of the property 

More "free" plants I have collected over the years 

Sage, Rocket, Oregano and Basil seedlings to the right, in the rectangle planters and a parsley plant in the square planter 

Newly re-potted and trimmed Pomegranate in the centre. It has one baby fruit on it, so far 

Flapjack plant, that was given to me, it is doing beautifully. It has had 2 "babies" that I will propagate soon 

Last of the Bellino Tomatoes grown from saved seeds, ripening and the Passionfruit vine is starting to flower 

One of the first Passionfruit flowers, aren't they beautiful! 

Pineapple plants and Chilles on the left and a Kaffir Lime tree at the end. I had to cut back both the Lemon Tree and the Kaffir Lime Tree as they had gall wasp damage and leaf curl. I cut the Lemon Tree back to bare bones - I hope it survives 

Red Cherry Chilli plants grown from saved seeds 

A caterpillar on the Lime Tree. I don't mind them munching on the leaves 

Red Paw Paw starting to fruit 

This Red Paw Paw is the smaller of the 2 trees on the right of the small "veggie garden". It has the larger fruit on it, at the moment 

Looking onto our little Veggie garden. It is a micro-climate, as it gets the heat from our shed and the neighbours colour bond fencing. From this view, you can see how much I have cut back the Kaffir Lime tree 

Last seasons Pineapple tops growing well 

Looking down the left hand side of the house toward the VeggiePod 

Looking back to the "veggie garden" where the Red Paw Paws are. 

Last seasons Pineapple plants have "re-shot" with new plants coming out at the side of the old plants. I will have to see if these produce fruit 

VegePod planted with Silverbeet, Bok Choi, Perennial Coriander and Parsley

I love my little garden and it gives me so much pleasure. At this stage of my life this amount of garden is all I have time to take care of. The more garden you have the more time you need to do it justice, am I right?

So, tell me, what is growing in your garden at the moment?


  1. A passion fruit vine that I planted 3 years ago has finally fruited, I ate my first home grown passion fruit yesterday morning. There are 3 more flowers, so not a bumper crop but some nonetheless.
    Haven't planted anything, as we have tonnes of possums in our street and they destroy all and sundry, maybe when I move to a new place Ill start gardening again. Your garden looks lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How difficult is it to grow those pineapple tops? I live in a very similar climate...i think. Tried to grow a pineapple once but didn't take. We're going into summer now. Have various sorts of tomatoes peppers and squash.

    1. Hi, With the Pineapples, I just get the Pineapple top and "turn" it into the soil. By turning I mean I hold on to the spiky top and literally screw it into the soil, until some of the bottom spikes are in the soil and you can feel that it is in the soil firmly. Hope that make sense. I have them planted both in the garden soil and in potting mix in pots and they both grow at about the same rate. They take a very long time to fruit so you have to be super patient, as it take about 18 months for a fruit to appear. But it is so worth it, to see a little baby Pineapple appear is so rewarding and sweet. I just do it as a bit of fun as they make quite the ornamental plant and they are free. I find they like to be watered deeply about once to twice a week. So just have another go. Good luck.

    2. Thank you for the tips. I'll try another pineapple top. Would be mighty to see a wee pineapple appear!

  3. You have packed so much into all the different areas of your garden. Love your little veggie plot. Packed to the gunnels.


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