Cleaning the Shower OR the cleaning job I hate most!

Hello, Dear Reader,

I try and keep on top of everything in the house but I also try not to be a slave to the house. Life is too short for that, I am sure no one ever said on their last day on earth "I wish I had cleaned the house more" So with that in mind I am all for a housework hack that actually works, doesn't cost the earth and doesn't use smelly chemicals. 

I found this hack by googling homemade shower cleaner. The brand "Dawn" dish washing liquid was recommended but I couldn't find it so I just grabbed an "Own Brand" dish washing liquid and the "Scrubby" was found at ALDI. 

Own Brand Dish Washing Liquid and Own Brand White Vinegar in equal parts and a Dish Scrubber 

Wet all glass and tiles in the shower recess 

Using the scrubber, scrub the glass and tiles 

Hose off the suds, let air dry and finish off with window cleaner and a chamois on the glass


"Own Brand" White Vinegar
"Own Brand" Dish Washing Liquid


Open the end of the "Scrubby" and using a small funnel pour in equal qualities of both vinegar and dish washing liquid. Give it a gentle shake to mix
Wet down shower glass and tiles
Using the "Scrubby" scrub down the tiles and glass
Let the shower recess air dry and then finish off with glass cleaner and a chamois on the glass
There you have it, sparkling clean shower glass and tiles.

So, tell me, how do you keep your shower screens and tiles clean? And what is your least favourite house cleaning job? 


  1. I wipe my shower every day with a microfibre cloth (glass and tiles), so only ever month (or so) do I do anymore than that. Ann.

  2. I think the shower is the worst job especially if it's small and you're trying to work in a confined space. Is your scrubby like the green scourer types or is it a sponge type? Won't a scourer scratch the glass? And by glass cleaner do you mean something like windex? Thanks. I've recently discovered your blog and I love how you write. Keep up the good work and all the recipes too!

    1. Hi Helen,
      Thanks for leaving a comment, and thanks for reading. The scrubby is just the green scourer type and I haven't had any problems with scratched glass, I think if you used it dry it may scratch but since you use it wet and sudsy it just glides over the glass. And yes I mean windex or similar to clean the glass. Happy cleaning!

  3. Great tips for cleaning the shower cubicle. Love your blog! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. If you do it the right way, there are few pleasures on earth better than a hot shower in a glass-encased shower stall. Of course, there's one thing that really is better than that - a hot shower in a shower stall encased in glass that you put there yourself.
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    1. Hi Aliza,
      Thanks for commenting, cleaning the showers is my least favourite job but it has to be done. Have a lovely day.


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