My Big Tossed Salad with Balsamic, Dijon and Honey Dressing

Hello Dear Reader,

We love a big tossed salad to serve with dinner or lunch and as Autumn is yet to arrive in our part of Queensland we are still having a salad with dinner or lunch at least once a week. I love to load up the salad with all sorts of tasty morsels and never tire of this lovely, tasty and filling salad.

Home grown Bellino Tomatoes and Rocket for the "Big Tossed Salad" 

Lettuce, Rocket, Roast Pumpkin, Kalamata Olives, Bellino Tomatoes, Cucumber and Avocado. Toss with Balsamic, honey and Dijon mustard dressing

Ingredients and Method

Preheat oven to 180 C
Cut up pumpkin put onto a lined oven tray, pour over a little oil and toss to cover in oil
Put into oven and roast for about 10 minutes a side, take out and let cool 
Lettuce, torn, washed and spun out in a salad spinner, add to serving bowl 
Same for Rocket 
Slice tomatoes in half length ways and cut up Avocado and Cucumber add to serving bowl 
Finally add Kalamata Olives ( we buy our Olives from ALDI in bulk, this container will last us about a year) 

Make salad dressing by adding, to a screw top jar, Rice Bran Oil and Balsamic Vinegar ( I never measure the quantity, but in the jar it is about one-third oil to two-thirds balsamic), 1 teaspoon each of Dijon mustard and honey. Pop on the lid and shake well 

Just before serving, pour over small amount of dressing and toss salad well. You only need a small amount of salad dressing, don't drown it. 

So, tell me, what do you put into a salad? Do you eat salad well in to Autumn?

Thanks for reading. 

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