This weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

It's Friday again, I really try and not wish the week away, but I just love Fridays. The weekend is just around the corner with all sorts of possibilities, the working week is over and we can wind down a bit. I got the chance last Sunday to stay at home and do some baking, sewing and gardening, I was in heaven! I consider these things to be frugal and doing these simple things bring me so much joy and peace. They are done quietly and slowly with a rhythm that brings me bone deep contentment.

So, this weeks 5 frugal things on a Friday are

1. Finished the top of a small Quilt, that will be a gift. I buy the fabric from a store on the Redcliffe Peninsula called "JJ'S" it has been around for over 40 years and the patchwork fabric sells for $6.00 a meter. I think that is very good value for money

The top of this small quilt is finished, I need to back it, quilt it and finally, bind it 

2. Started making a patchwork bag with some leftover material from the quilt, the bag will also be a gift. This fabric is leftover from the quilt top above and have ample to make this and maybe another of these bags

This will be a good size bag when it is finished, I will take a photo when it is completed 

3. Made a "moveable" dinner (Asian Chicken Noodle Salad) for Thursday night for all of the family to share while at the hospital. My Mother in Law is coming home tomorrow and our Daughter and her Partner are visiting from Cairns, we had the first anniversary of my Father in laws passing on Thursday and we were all able to go to the hospital to be with my Mother in law on this occasion.

Asian Chicken Noodle Salad before the noodles were added 

A moveable and delicious dinner 

4. Kept and froze the chicken stock produced when slow roasting the chicken for the Asian Chicken Noodle salad. It will be added to a winter soup or Congee

Golden Chicken Stock. I have frozen this stock (about a cups worth) in a ziplock bag. I freeze it flat so it defrosts in no time 

5. Watered the garden from our tank water

So, tell me, what were your frugal achievements this week?


  1. Lovely quilt Fiona! And I'm sure the bag will look cute too. Have you been to East Coast Fabrics at Lawnton? Its a warehouse that sell a range of dressmaking and quilting fabrics. They have a large range of quilting fabrics for only $5.99 per metre. Sorry to hear about your FIL. That must have been a sad day for your family on the anniversary of his passing. Best regards, Kelly

    1. Hi Kelly, I have heard about East Coast Fabrics but just haven't had the time to drive over there, it's on the list though. JJ's is okay, the price wins me over however there just isn't the variety I would like, they seem to have the same materials all the time.

      Thank you for you kind words, my FIL was very ill and in a way it was a blessing when he went, he fought tooth and nail though. It was important for us all to be there with my MIL as we didn't want her to be alone on his anniversary.
      Hope you are having a great day and thanks for reading


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