This weeks fresh produce bargains

Hello Dear Reader,

Once a week, usually on a Tuesday afternoon, on the way home from work, I call into the local Coles and have a look for any marked down fresh produce. This past Tuesday I found some great deals.

I always look at the Fruit and Veggie section for marked down produce 

The Green Cherry Pepper Chillies have been de-seeded (hundreds of seeds) and cut up into strips and then pickled in Mums Pickling Vinegar. I will dry and save the seeds for when the time is right to plant out Chillies. For a planting guide, in my zone, I use Gardenate, it is fantastic for a budding gardener like me.

I have finely cut up and frozen the Dill in ice cube trays covered with a little water, When I need Dill, I will just add the cubes to dish while I am cooking. The Dill I planted died, from too much water and not enough sunlight (I think) I will try growing Dill again in the cooler months.

The yellow Bellino tomatoes will be used for snacking and again I will keep a few for seeds to plant next tomato season. They are super sweet, just like the red ones I grew.

And the Potatoes will be used for, well, potatoes I guess. Mashed, Steamed, Baked you name it, I love a good spud. Last night I made a lovely warm potato salad to go with pan fried reef fish. It is made by steaming the potato, cutting them in quarters, dress while warm with lemon juice and oil, salt and pepper then adding torn Rocket, and cubed Avocado, add more lemon juice and oil and toss well. It was delicious.

So for a grand total of $5.62, I have the potential to save seeds for a continual supply of chillies and tomatoes, to plant out when the time is right.

I always have a look in the dairy section as well, but the only thing marked down on this day was low fat dairy milk, which I don't use.

So, tell me, who else looks for bargains at their local shop? Do you know what time the produce is marked down at your supermarket?


  1. I like this kind of posts. I would love to get my priorities straight, so I could do this more often too - buying low priced fresh seasonal produce and use it up or make something for in the pantry/freezer. It's such an economical and fulfilling job.

  2. Some how I seem to miss the good specials but I managed to be in woolworths one night when they were selling off their BBQ chickens. I got 3 for $3.00 each.


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