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What we ate and what we spent

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Hello Dear Reader,

On Tuesday afternoons, one of the tasks I do is make a menu/shopping list for the following week. I find it so much easier to know what is for dinner every night for the coming week. It also allows us to factor in any outings, social or otherwise, that need an easier/earlier dinner so we don't have to resort to takeaway, other than Pizza night and that is already factored in.

 As you probably know by now, we do have a takeaway dinner once a week, on a Thursday night, it's Pizza night and we always buy it from 8 Slices, they make a superb Pizza with plenty of topping and the base is not too thick and always freshly made with quality ingredients and it is literally a stone throw from our house. My late Father in Law started this weekly treat and we have kept it up, as we all look forward to having a night off.

With our shopping, we always look at the catalogues to see what is on special and base our Menu around those specials, however, lately these "good food" specials seem few and far between with lots and lots of convenience foods, lollies, biscuits and stuff that we just don't buy or use.

We also shop at the three different supermarkets in our area, to get best value for our money. We try to get all our fruit and veg from ALDI as well as some everyday basics (hands down best value for money), we get things like pure cream, my brand of tea, cat food and any other fruit and veg we were unable to get at ALDI, from Woolworths. We shop Coles for their catalogue specials and we get our meat from Nothing Brothers Prime Meats at Woody Point, they are competitive with their pricing and quality is fantastic. My Hubby does the shopping and because he has more time than me, is happy to go to the different supermarkets to chase the specials. We are also fortunate that all 3 supermarkets are in easy reach, being only 5 minutes away from our house.

From this week on, I will include how much we spend on Groceries over the space of a week. As we know Grocery prices differ immensely from State to State and even Suburb to Suburb. And also what we eat may be completely different from what your family eat, but I will put it in and maybe even photograph what we buy so you can compare what we buy in our part of the world and what we spend.

What we spent



Nothing Bros Prime Meats-$25.00

Coles Marked down fresh produce-$5.62
Coles Catalogue Specials-$20.48


What we ate (I have been very lax in taking photos this week, sorry)

Wednesday-Spicy Chicken wings with steamed rice and steamed Silverbeet

Thursday-Pizza night

Friday-Pan fried Reef fish with warm Potato, Rocket and Avocado salad

Saturday-Cuban Black Bean and Ham Hock soup with buttered toast


Monday-Honey Prawns, steamed Basmati Rice and Steamed Broccolini with oyster sauce

Tuesday-Thai Fish Cakes with Nam jim sauce, Steamed Basmati Rice and Steamed Beans and Broccolini

So, that was the eats at our house, what about yours?


  1. Wednesday - Duck legs & potato Rösti & Kale from the garden
    Thursday - Creamy Courgette & Pasta
    Friday - Skate & Chips & home-made tartare sauce
    Saturday - Pork & Fennel & Pasta
    Sunday - Out for Hubby's birthday
    Monday - Steak tartare & Chips & Asparagus
    Tuesday - Pork Stroganoff & Rice & Brocolli

    Quite a meat heavy week (carnivore daughter visiting!).

    1. Wow, that all sounds totally delicious! Love the sound of the Creamy Courgette and the Pork and fennel Past dishes, matches made in heaven. Thanks for commenting, have a great weekend.