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Hello Dear Reader,

How was your week? Ours was uneventful, and even peaceful, my Mother in Law has rallied again and may even be home by the end of the week or early next week. We decided, with her being stable, not to travel into the hospital on Sunday, so I had a day at home, which was just bliss. I gardened and sewed and made bread and took my Mother in laws dogs for a long walk, I was in heaven. On the sewing front I am making a little quilt and a bag using really bright citrus colours, it's a joy to use "happy" fabric. At the end of the day on Sunday, I was tired but so happy with what I had achieved, just by staying at home, instead. I just loved it.

2 Loaves of Spicy Fruit Bread and my usual Light Rye Bread

On the dinner front, this is what we ate this week
Wednesday- Ham with a big tossed salad
Thursday- Ham, Cheese, Tomato and Jalepeno toasties

Quick Toasties for a late night home 

Friday- Pan fried Fish with My Thai Sauce, steamed Basmati Rice and asian greens

My Thai Sauce 

Saturday- Ham and Mushroom Carbonara

Ham and Mushroom Carbonara 

Sunday- Ham and Big tossed salad
Monday- Honey Prawns, steamed Basmati Rice and asian greens

Honey Prawns with steamed Basmati Rice and Pak Choy 

Tuesday- Ham, Smashed Potato with spring onion and grated Parmesan and steamed Silverbeet

So, over to you, what did you have for dinner this week?


  1. Your bread looks excellent, Fiona. Do you make it from scratch, and in a bread machine or the oven? I am going to get a good bread pan and have a go at oven baking, although I must say that lately, I am totally chuffed with the bread machine bread.

    No work for me today. Goofing off with youngest grand baby who slept over last night. I love Wednesday!

    1. Hi Diann, I use my Thermomix to make the bread (both sourdough and regular yeasted bread). I am going to revisit this topic soon on the blog as I didn't take step by step photo's or give detailed instructions when I first posted about the bread I make. I now make it in my Thermomix but previous to this I kneaded the dough by hand. Years ago I had a bread maker and it was fantastic, always produced a beautiful loaf, however at that stage I had the kids at home and wasn't able to keep up demand. I know a lot of people that let the breadmaker do the work and then turn the risen dough into a bread tin and bake it in the oven. The results I get with using my Thermomix compared to hand kneading are 100% better. You get a much lighter loaf and the rise is amazing. My bread tins need replacing soon and I will be buying Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch Nonstick loaf pans (I just checked the website and they have a 20% off special at the moment) Hope you had a wonderful day with your grand baby.

  2. Hi Fiona, I made your Pasta Bake last night and we all loved it! Thank you for sharing the recipe, I' m so happy to find a new recipe that is simple to make, and that my kids love and eat without any fuss. Makes dinnertime way less stressful! I too am interested in learning more about your bread making... how did you mix your dough before you had a thermomix, and do you need a special bread pan to cook bread in the oven or can you just use a standard cake loaf pan? And also do you find your Thermomix worth the investment? I would be interested to hear how much you use it and what it can do that your other kitchen tools/appliances couldn't do. They sound like an interesting kitchen tool. Thanks & enjoy the rest of your week, Kelly

    1. Hi Kelly, Happy to help. Anything that makes meal times less stressful is a win!
      I used to do the kneading of the bread dough by hand and I will post the before and after photo's of bread made by hand and then with the Thermomix soon, when I revisit making bread on the blog. Currently I am using bread tins I bought from Coles
      ( Stanley and Rogers) initially they were good but have lost their nonstick property , they still work ok but I have to line the tins with baking paper (another example of "You get what you pay for) I think I will go ahead and order the Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch Nonstick loaf pans as they are 20% off at the moment.
      Buying the Thermomix was a very big purchase for me. I thought long and hard about the purchase, I was kind of looking but really not at the same time ,when this one came up. It was on Gumtree for $1400 second hand, after a bit of haggling I got it down to $1200, as I say in the blog, still outrageously expensive but it has proven to be a wonderful addition to my kitchen. I use it everyday for something. Now I am speaking only for myself, but the main difference I found is the sheer power and speed, any job you do in a food processor can be done in less time with a smoother result, no changing of blades for specific requirements. And cleaning is a breeze. I still use my Kitchen aid stand mixer for making some cakes, desserts and whipping cream as I have more control over it and it is just a beautiful piece of equipment to use.
      Hope this info helps, thanks for visiting.


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