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Hello Dear Reader,

We had some good news, at last, with my MIL coming home from hospital last Saturday, we live next door to her which is a blessing, as if we had to do all we do for her, as well as travel, well lets just say it wouldn't be pleasant for anyone. So with MIL coming home I always make a big batch of Congee as it is tasty, nutritious and easy for her to eat so thats what I made on Saturday.

My Daughter and her Partner also called in on their way home from the Gold Coast and I made a vat of Borsch and had all the family over, everyone enjoyed it. So with those 2 big meals feeding lots of people the rest of the week was a breeze in comparison.

This is what we ate this past week

Wednesday-Curried Sweet Potato Soup (recipe coming soon)

Thursday-Asian Chicken Noodle Salad (moveable dinner for a visit to the hospital)

Friday-Left over Curried Sweet Potato Soup and Toasties

Sunday-Thank heavens for leftover Congee

Monday-Borsch for Family Dinner (recipe coming soon)

Tuesday-Takeaway Pizza , we wanted a super early dinner as I had to take my Daughter and her partner to the airport and Hubby and Son had a meeting to go to

So, tell me what was on your menu this week?

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  1. I've never ate congee, maybe I should try it except my husband always eats all the leftover rice. With a family of seven to feed I try to buy roasts when they are on sale. I had a roast lamb and rolled pork shoulder I bought very cheaply in the freezer so we had roast lamb with latkes instead of roasted potatoes and silverbeet from the garden. We had one of the roast pork shoulders the other week so my daughter used the other on to make sweet and sour pork. We have also had pumpkin soup and meatballs with spaghetti. Today I am cooking a chicken in the slow cooker and will use half the meat for a very delicious but economical chicken pot pie.


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