A Baby Quilt, a Patchwork Bag and Happy Mothers Day!

Hello Dear Reader,

Happy Mothers Day,

I hope you all have a lovely day spent with family and the chance to relax, even if its for a little while. I hope you get to do things that make you happy and have some family time. I will be spending the morning at home, pottering in the garden, and maybe even some sewing and I hope to drive up to my sisters place this afternoon for a quick visit to give her a little present. Then back home to get dinner started.

We will be having a family dinner with my Mother in Law, at our house, so I will set the table and make it a bit special for all of us. I am making a Guinness, Cheese and Beef Pie with some Spiced Apples and Ice Cream for dessert.

As for the sewing front, I have been a novice quilter for the past 3 years and in that time I have made 9 quilts ranging from baby size to a small double size quilt. I started out on a $120 Toyota sewing machine from Lincraft, it was okay, but soon realised if I wanted to have a quality finish on a quilt I was going to have to have a better sewing machine, enter Husky the Husqvana.

I went to the Stitches and Craft show and was totally blown away by the sewing machines that are available. I was entranced by one machine and sat down for a demonstration, oh my it had me hook line and sinker until the sales person told me the price "it's only $4999.00, it's a show special" well I thanked her most kindly and told her I would think about it. I walked away so deflated, would all sewing machines that would do what I wanted cost that much?

Then I came across a lovely lady quietly sewing on a not so intimidating looking machine. She started to show me the advantaged of this machine and I grilled her with all my questions, 1 hour later I was the proud owner of Husky the Husqvarna. It cost $1600.00 and I just love it. It is quiet, robust and a joy to use. The quality of my sewing has come along in leaps and bounds and have no regrets with spending a big chunk of money as I can see this sewing machine being with me forever.

Along with quilts I have started making bags from left over scraps of material, how very satisfying, nothing is wasted and I have created something useful. So far I have made 8 bags completely from left over material.  

If you don't know the company already, I follow "The Missouri Star Quilt Company" tutorial on youtube. Jenny Doan is a beautiful Grandmother who turned her passion for Quilting into a multi-million dollar business and is a super star of youtube with over 300 quilting tutorials that have been viewed more than 50 million times! I love her practical approach to Quilting and she has an amazing brain that can demystify a quilt block and always finds a way to make the block easier to cut out and sew. I just love her!  This bag and the baby quilt are her designs, you wouldn't believe the way the pinwheels are done, go have a look.

A bag in progress
The finished bag

The finished top of the quilt

Pinning the layers together, before quilting it

The finished baby quilt

The baby quilt was a gift for a lovely girl at work who is expecting her first child. I want her to really use this quilt, use it for everything and then bung it in the washing machine, throw it on the line to dry and use it again and again. If you use and wash a quilt it will get really soft and cuddly. The material really didn't cost that much but I think I have created something that is worth a lot more. I hope she loves it. The patchwork bag also went as a gift to a lovely lady. 

So, tell me, are there any sewers or quilters reading? If so, what machine do you use and love? How long have you had your machine?


  1. Have a great Mother's Day. I started on a my inexpensive Janome and like you needed a better machine. Many years later I have quite a few machines, all purchased 2nd hand and most are from the 80's, but they will outlast me that's for sure. They are Bernina, Pfaff and Husqvarna. I love the Missouri Quilt Co, she is so generous with her "how to" videos. Your baby quilt and bag are very very pretty, love the colors. Thanks for sharing. Guida

    1. Hi Guida,
      I think the older machines were really made to last! My mum had a Singer sewing machine that was so heavy as all the parts were metal, I really don't know what happened to mums machine, which is a shame because I am sure it would still be going strong. I am so glad you also love the Missouri star quilt YouTube videos, they are a wealth the of information.

  2. Happy Mother's Day! I have an old Bernina that gets through all of the sewing and mending jobs that I can get to. I have had it for around 15 years and apart from a service, have not had to spend a cent on it. My Mum has also used an old Bernina for as long as I can remember. I am interested in having a look at the Missouri Quilt Co youtube videos, thanks for the link. Your baby quilt is beautiful, I'm sure the recipient will be very appreciative of the time and effort that you have put into it.

    1. Hi Kylie, thanks for the good wishes for Mother's Day, it was a lovely but tiring day. You will love the Missouri star quilt company videos, I have learnt so much from watching them and the best part I can replay it and replay it till I get it right.


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