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Hello Dear Reader,

I don't go out much, although that sounds so ridiculous, even when I say it, as I am always at work, but there is a big difference between going out and being at work. Afternoons, Weekends and Days off are usually spent at home, with my list of tasks to complete. You know "A stitch in time, saves nine" and all that.

Anyway, lately I have been getting out a bit more than usual. Last Saturday night my sister and I went Ballroom dancing, it was a hoot, both my sister and I started dancing when we were very young in Gympie at the Molloy Dance Studio. I have the most beautiful memories of dancing my little legs off most weekends, competing in Dance Festivals, as they were called in those days. Once a dancer, always a dancer I guess. I gave dancing up when I met my hubby as he didn't and still doesn't dance, but thats okay, as it is the only thing we can't agree on.

Our first Dance Festival, I was 6. My mum made the dress. I felt like a princess. 

Action on the dance floor 

At the Ritz Ballroom, circa 1975, have a look at the Brisbane skyline, the tallest building in those days was the SGIO building, now known as Suncorp. 

Dancing with my Dance Teacher, Mr Jim Molloy. I was completing a medal or grading. 

My sister and I intend to keep it up, as it is wonderful exercise for the body and mind and fantastic for social interaction, all really important aspects of being a happy human. We are going to Norfolk Island for their Ballroom Dancing week on the 19th of June, it will be the 3rd time we have gone and the actual Dancing Week is celebrating its 20th year, it is such a hoot, learning new dances every day and socialising in the evenings. They have a welcome dinner, a mini social and the big fancy dress night, again so much fun. The teachers are exceptional and the island is a beautiful place to visit. It is like stepping back in time and and ideal place to relax and unwind.

Then, last Monday, which was public holiday, I spent most of the day at my sisters place doing a bit of gardening for her and sharing a beautiful lunch with my sisters little family. And Yesterday we went up to Maleny, a small township about an hour up the coast from us. It had been years since I was up that way and we hadn't really been to Maleny, we have driven through it a couple of times but never stopped or had a reason to go there. I had the delight of seeing Rhonda from Down to Earth Blog and have my copy of "The Simple Home" signed and had a lovely day to boot. Hubby and I strolled through the shops and had a lovely lunch of exceptional Sushi at "Soul about Sushi" at the Artisan Food Market in Maleny. I bought some supplies at the Maleny Co-Op and bought some fabric and and a lovely scarf from Sapling Textiles. Then we called into Maleny Dairy on the way home and picked up some Yoghurt and Cheese. One more stop at Vecchio's Fruit Stall for some Pineapples ( 3 for $5 ) Just delightful

Some Dahlia's growing in a garden at the end of the main street in Maleny 

A beautiful succulent on the table, at the Artisan Food Market. The market is called" Pallet Life" and they have used pallets to build tables, chairs and planter

Soul about Sushi, it is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10.30 am until 4 pm or until sold out

Soul about Sushi, delicious and fresh Sushi. I can highly recommend them

The entry to Pallet Life Artisan Food Market

Maleny Co-Op

A view of uptown

Rosetta Books, where Rhonda was signing her new book "The Simple Home". It is a beautiful Book Store , to wander through, with a cafe. There were lots of patrons there yesterday and the smell of coffee wafting through the store was amazing. 

Below is our purchases from Maleny, it's always about the food!

A lovely scarf at the top and some beautiful, already "patchworked" fabric. It was a remnant, the last of the roll, so it was reduced. I can see another bag coming up! 

See the newspaper bag, it is made in New Dehli, it is purchased by this business and helps to support the livelihood of rural Women and provides shelter and education for under privileged children in and around New Delhi. Love it. Not another plastic bag

All work and no play is not good for the soul and while I adore my home and garden and it is my sanctuary, even I agree, it is worth getting out a bit.

So, over to you, what do you do that invigorates and re-boots your system 

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