Everyone needs a rest day

Hello Dear Reader,

I mentioned that work has been very busy this past two weeks and as such it has left me totally and utterly exhausted. Because I am all about honesty, instead of faking a sick day, I asked for a day off to rest and recover and it was granted. So yesterday, after having a sleep in, I just potted around home doing all those things that I love. I made a loaf of bread, watered the garden, finished sewing a new bag for myself, did some washing, pickled some chillies and had a super duper early night. All these simple jobs bring me bone deep joy and I felt I really needed it.

As I age I realise that I just don't bounce back like I used to and I must listen to my body. I want to enjoy good health, both physical and mental, for my whole life, so if that means having a day off every now and then, then that is what I will do. I am a very good worker and put my heart and soul into my occupation, you can't keep that kind of momentum up without good support and proper down time.

My darling Dad used to say your health is your wealth and it is so very true. I do look after myself with good nutrition and getting into bed early, moderate exercise, drinking plenty of water (thanks Mum) and having a bit of recreation in Ballroom Dancing, which I love so much. So really, I am doing everything possible to be fit and healthy both mentally and physically. I just need a top up of some extra time for me, occasionally.

So, tell me, what do you do for yourself, to rest and recover, so you can be, all that you can be?


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely day at home. As I am at home 24/7 with the children I find it hard to have down time. Even when I'm not doing physical work there is always the responsibility of the children. Last year I taught myself how to crochet and I find it a very relaxing hobby. It is more compact and portable than knitting and I don't have to worry so much about the children getting hold of it and all the loops falling off. I enjoy being able to sit down inbetween jobs and spend 10 minutes or so on a project. The repetitiveness is somehow relaxing and I enjoy being productive and creating items for loved ones. It is my version of playing on the mobile phone. By the way your bread looks fantastic as does your bag. Maybe you should do a tutorial on both sometime.

  2. We seem to have spates of busy weekends after busy work weeks so it is always nice to just stay home and do nothing. Over winter, that is my favourite weekend - to stay home and do what takes my fancy, be it watching movies, stitching, knitting, drinking cups of tea, baking goodies...
    We are empty nesters now so I have more time on my own at weekends.

  3. Your personal energy and commitment to life is evident in your blog posts. Well done for treating yourself to a day for replenishing the spirit. By the way I've tried a number of your recipes with success. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.


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