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Hello Dear Reader,

I have been doing quite a lot of research regarding new fruit trees for our garden and I came up with some fantastic plants that I have never heard of before. As I have limited space in the garden I have planted the new fruit trees in big pots using the best quality potting mix I could find. Before I actually bought the plants I had a good wander around Bunnings and the Produce Centre to see the plants in real life and to judge the quality and the price. I settled on the following plants

A Grumichama

What I am hoping for 

A Panama Berry

What I am hoping for 

And a Jaboticaba

And, again what I am hoping for 

I also have my eye on an Angle Peach when the time for planting is right

My inspiration for buying more fruit trees came from reading "Backyard Self Sufficiency" by Jackie French, her style of gardening is new to me, in that you over plant, creating a productive jungle. Her theory is if you plant in straight rows, the pests start at one end and munch their way down the very straight line, where as, if you plant haphazardly you confuse them and you have a better chance of actually harvesting produce.

The other source of inspiration is from "The Prudent Homemaker" blog, they have created a wonderfully productive garden in Las Vegas, a place not usually known for its abundant gardens. I am in awe of this lady, she is simply amazing.

I have also repotting my long suffering lemon tree into a more suitable pot, it was full of gall wasp damage and every leaf had leaf curl, I was brutal and I cut it right back to bare bones. As it happens in potted plants, over time the soil level reduces and becomes more compact leading to an unhappy plant. The pot that the lemon tree was in was lovely, but a cylindrical shape, so revamping it when it is needed was difficult as the plant would not just slide out. I have well and truly learnt another gardening lesson, don't plant in straight sided pots if you want your plant to be able to slide out when you need to top up the soil! There, lesson learnt!

So, tell me, any gardeners reading, what is the most valuable gardening lesson you have learnt?

Have a lovely day

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  1. I love jaboticabas!
    I'm from Brazil and it brings me so many good things from my childhood.
    I hope you have fruits soon!


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