New plantings for Autumn and whats growing in the garden

Hello Dear Reader,

I was a little late getting some Autumn planting done, but finally they are in. I have planted Sugar Snap Peas, French Beans, Garlic Chives, Lettuce, Perpetual Spinach, Dill and Vietnamese Mint.

I have also dug out and re potted the sorrell as it wasn't doing well where it was and I want to give it another chance in a sunnier position.

The little Bellino tomatoes are just about finished, the cherry peppers are growing well, as is the passionfruit vine, its full of flowers and fruit. It is going to be another bumper crop. I have two red paw paws on the tree's, and lots more flowers, of all the things I have gown from saved seeds these paw paws are the ones I am most excited about!

So, tell me, what have you planted in your garden at this time of year?

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  1. On Sunday I planted spinach and silverbeet. Not sure the silverbeet will do well as that bed does not get too much sun, but I cant plant it anywhere else, as the possums will eat them all up. The area I planted is a small cage. That's it really. Your plants are looking very happy and healthy. Guida


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