SMART GOALS=Saving Money And Reaching Those GOALS

Hello Dear Reader,

We have all heard of a SMART Goal, which is and acronym for planning a goal. It is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. But I like mine better, Saving Money And Reaching Those Goals. I always like to have something on the horizon to look forward to, it may be as simple as buying some seasonal seedling to plant out in the garden or more entailed like a Ballroom Dancing week in Norfolk Island. Goals, large or small need to be worked toward with the same attitude ."If you don't plan, you don't do". And usually the fundamental key is having the money to enable you to achieve these goals. So for me, reaching my goals is all about saving money. I know we are well and truly into the year but I wanted to put down in writing what I have planned for this year.


*Princess Cruise up the coast of Queensland (February) ✔️
We really enjoyed this Cruise and I would recommend it

*Ballroom Dancing week in Norfolk Island (June) Already saved and paid for

*A weekend away at the beginning of August for our 29th Wedding Anniversary (not planned as yet)

*P & O Cruise with my sister and her family up the Queensland Coast (September-the itinerary is a different from the one we did in February) Almost paid off. Final payment is due in June

*Camping and fishing at Noosa North Shore (November) Very little cost involved so no savings needed

*Keep saving for our big 30th Wedding Anniversary holiday in August 2017. This is a big one, I will tell you all about it down the track a bit further. I will be booking it in July this year


*Buy some fruit trees and pot them into large pots, at this stage I am thinking of an Angel peach tree and a Panama Berry✔️The Panama Berry is in and we have ordered an Angel Peach from Bunnings

*Repot our long suffering Lemon tree, I had to cut it right back to bare bones as it was infested with gall wasp and leaf curl, it has reshot but I want to put it into a more suitable pot. One with a conical shape that is self watering. A conical shape will make it easier next time it needs to be taken out of the pot to be topped up with soil✔️. We did this, this past Saturday

*Continue to plant out veggies and herbs by the seasons using Gardenate

*Keep to my cleaning schedule so that the house in general is clean

*Start cleaning windows and blinds (a job I absolutely hate)

*Declutter as needed, take unwanted items to Lilly Pilly's charity at Margate


*Keep riding my bike through Winter to keep up some exercise

*Get to bed early every night (which means limiting watching Masterchef) with one exception, see below

*Start going dancing every Tuesday night (that will mean I need to put something in the slow cooker every Tuesday morning before going to work) This is a class but I also want to attend the social dances on the 4th Saturday of the month and the 2nd Saturday of the month. My sister can't attend the Tuesday dance class but she will come with me to the Saturday and Sunday ones

*Moisture my dry skin every morning and evening during Winter, no excuses

*Walk my Mother in Laws dogs every night, I go over a little earlier before we take dinner over and give them a walk then

*Read the books I got for my birthday and put the lessons learnt into practice

*Start planning hubby's 50th birthday, in August

I am sure there is a lot more, but this will do for now.

So, tell me, are you a planner for all aspects of you life or do you have a more relaxed approach?


  1. Wow, you have a lot of things to look forward to. Also sounds as though we have many goals in common. Our big one requiring saving is our Carnival cruise to New Caledonia in October. There are 7 of us so the cost is quite extensive and needs to be paid off by August. I have questioned if the outlay of this holiday is a wise use of money but my intentions are that this may be our last family holiday with all the children for some time to come. Our eldest two girls will soon be off to university which brings costs all of their own. Other goals are to buy and pot some dwarf citrus trees, continue planting our small garden and expand the variety of herbs I currently have. Organise my time in the home more efficiently to have a tidy home, home cooked meals and quality home schooling for the children. The cleaning the blinds are always on my mind but something I never seem to get around to but I did at least get most of the windows cleaned last school holidays. Finally what should be my first goal is continue to grow in my relationship with my heavenly Father through prayer, getting into the word and being Christ to others through my words and deeds.

  2. Hi I love your goals and i have 2/3 of your books! I too work nearly full time (4 days per week) and I have two teenage daughters and a husband, so life is quite busy. I am also a saver and we have saved for our USA holiday (in September) and have almost saved enough for new carpet in the bedrooms. Its so rewarding to save rather than have a debt over your head. Anyway i enjoy your blog. Regards Cathy :)

  3. My goals are just to make ends meet for now. We helping our three kids get on their feet as young adults (one is a new college grad paying of student loans and the other two are still in college).

    We have both passed our 50th bdays and now are in our mid-50's and no celebrations. We also will have our 30th anniv. this Sept. but no celebrations for that either.

    After the kids are out of college we hope to have a little vacation but we have 2 years for sure and maybe 3. We also need a different house and our vehicles are just so close to the ends of their lives.

    Lots of prayer on our end that we can do this!



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