Stay home = Get stuff done

Hello Dear Reader,

After being out all day on Saturday I had every intention of staying home for the next 3 days. Sunday, Monday (public holiday) and Tuesday (I will take as an ADO). Three whole glorious days at home!

I started early on Sunday morning, up at 5am, I did my usual morning routine-emptied the dishwasher, set up for breakfast, took out the sourdough starter for making bread tomorrow, put on a load of washing, bought in and folded some washing. Then I spent an hour on the computer updating my blog, had breakfast, feed the sourdough starter, folded hubby's work sheets, tidied and decluttered the two top draws in the kitchen and the container holding all my frequently used kitchen utensils.

I wanted to go outside and start on some gardening, but it was raining so I went into the sewing room and gave it a good tidy and wipe over.

About eleven, I started on a Silverbeet and feta quiche for lunch with some of the feta we bought from the Maleny Dairy yesterday. It was the first thing to be cooked in my new oven, I am still learning how to drive it! We ate lunch while watching Landline and Gardening Australia, I just love those shows and are the only two I watch all week.

It's a SMEG, with a self cleaning function, Sweet! 

After lunch I cut up one of the beautiful Pineapples we bought on Saturday and put the skins and core on to boil to make some more Pineapple cordial. I am thinking of making a light coconut sponge and pouring this syrup over the cake and serving it with whipped cream. Anyway, thats what my brain was thinking of when I was sewing later in the afternoon. I must have been hungry!

I then turned my attention to the baby quilt, I finished sewing on the binding, it turned out lovely. I know it is not a traditional design for a baby quilt, but it is nice and bright and really soft. I hope the new mummy will just use it for everything. It is small enough to go in the washing machine and will just get softer and more cuddly the more it is used and washed. I know it looks as though it is a bit wonky and out of shape, but it is draped over two chairs.

The finished baby quilt 

Late in the afternoon I went out into the garden and planted out a Dill plant and the Vietnamese Mint that we bought in Maleny yesterday. My son gifted me a beautiful pot that he had planned on using for another project, that just didn't happen, it is the perfect vessel for the Vietnamese mint. Sweet!

We had a super easy dinner as we had leftovers from last night, I just popped the slow cooker bowl back in the slow cooker and heated it on low for a couple of hours. I added three boiled eggs and some more beans to the curry to make it go a bit further, the eggs absorb the flavour of curry beautifully.

Leftover Spiced Chicken in Coconut Sauce with Steamed Basmati rice, Papadums and Chutney

For the rest of my time off I would like to tidy the yard, start on a new bag for myself, make the above mentioned cake, tidy inside, make sourdough bread and a normal yeasted light rye bread, clean the showers, and start reading some new books I ordered for myself for my Birthday on Tuesday.

So, for me, staying home really does = getting stuff done. What do you think?


  1. Seems as though you had a very productive day at home. I was out for 2 days over the weekend and it really puts everything of in the household. Love your quilt, I'm sure it'll get allot of use. At the moment I'm trying to finish off a doily that was supposed to be my mothers birthday present last month but will now be a mothers day present. I'm learning that I need to start making home made presents allot further in advance than I anticipate as I seem to never get them finished in time. I love feta and spinach quiche. When you use silverbeet so you add it to the egg mixture raw or do you blanch it first? I have feta in the fridge and chard in the garden ready to go. Hope you have a very productive day in the garden on your last day off.

    1. Hi Therese,
      I agree with you, you need to start early for home made gifts as there will always be something to slow you up. With the quiche, I don't make a pastry case so it's really just a set omellete ; ) I cook the silverbeet first, just the leaves though, as I find the stalks make the quiche watery. Once the leaves are wilted, drain them really well and lay on the bottom of a greased pie or quiche dish. Pop the crumbled feta over the silverbeet, scatter over some chopped parsley and spring onions, Then top with whisked eggs and milk (1/4 cup of milk per egg) it makes a lovely light lunch or dinner. Have a great day

  2. Hi Fiona, wow you have had a very productive long weekend. So true, you sure can achieve alot when you stay home and if you are motivated. I feel frustrated at times that I can't get more done at home, but as I have young children, it is hard to fit it all in around their needs. Well done on finishing the quilt, it looks lovely, so happy and bright! Hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! Best wishes, Kelly

    1. Hi Kelly,
      It sure does make a difference when you have little humans needs to take of, they come first and thats all there is to it. It seems like another life time when my kids were young and you are so right it is harder to get stuff done when you have little ones. It's a big balancing act that all mums are amazing at!
      Thanks for the birthday wishes, I had a bit of a sleep in which was lovely and am now about to launch headlong into my day. Have a great day and thanks for reading


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