What I get to see when I ride or walk

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If you choose to use an alternative mode of transport, like a bike, you get to see and take in a lot of things you would't normally see. For me, time spent riding my bike, is like a session of mindfulness. You can't help but be in the moment, observing everything and feeling the wind on your body. Last time I had to go to the hairdresser and pick up a few things at the supermarket and decided to ride, I was hoping for cooler weather but it was still quite hot, although I always think it is cooler on the bike rather than getting back into a hot car. We live near the canals at Newport and delight in seeing this little hand made yacht everyday.

My hairdresser is off Sutton Street which is one street back from the beachfront at Redcliffe. It is really quite pretty riding through Redcliffe and below is a photo of Humpybong Creek which is a natural waterway that has been helped along with reinforcing the banks and a tidal flow system that keeps the water flowing, it must be quite healthy as there is plenty of birds and other wildlife to be seen. 

Later that day I took my Mother in Laws dogs for a walk over to Talobilla Park. The waterway below is a man made canal, part of the Newport Canal system. Again it is quite pretty and attracts a lot of birdlife and plenty of small fish which the birds love. There is usually one or two of these white cranes looking for dinner

An Orange tree ladened with fruit
A Bowen Mango tree in someones yard, lucky ducks
A lovely tree lined street I ride through every day. The houses and gardens on this street are really well maintained and you often see neighbours helping each other. It's a lovely community feel
A Cardinal Creeper, growing over a fence, my Mum grew this and loved the beautiful colour of the flowers

A Mummy and Daddy Guinea Fowl with 8 chicks. These Guinea fowl just roam the street and seem to not only survive but thrive

Along with the visual stuff, the smells are amazing, I ride past a house where the occupants must have bacon and eggs every morning, the smell of bacon cooking is delicious to me, also the freshness of the air just after rain is glorious, and the smell of freshly cut grass is one I love. I would miss all that driving the car.

I am lucky to be able to ride my bike to work, it is only a 10 minute ride, there is a secure lock up for the bike and the traffic is not bad, as I avoid the main roads. The added bonus is getting a little exercise and seeing and smelling everything I would miss if I was to drive the car. 

So, tell me, who else is able to ride or walk to work? Would you be able to give it a go?

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