What makes me happy?

Hello Dear Reader,

I think I am a person with a positive outlook and try to look for the good in everything, don't get me wrong though, I have times when I struggle to get out of bed. Every morning I go through a little ritual, I think of 5 things as to why it is going to be a good day, of course I don't need to do this on weekends or days off, as I naturally wake up looking forward to the day ahead and all the lovely possibilities that lay within the day. But a work day, um, I need some reasons to get out of bed.

 Those 5 things used to be affirmations but morphed into something that I could relate to, tangible stuff that made me feel good. Funnily enough, those 5 thing are usually very simple things like, the feeling I get after riding to work, I always feel better for doing that. And they almost always involve food, I love my breakfast of my homemade muesli and a big bowl of fresh fruit and yoghurt, other times it's the chance to see someone I haven't seen in a while, a walk around my garden before leaving for work to see whats come up or even the promise of a delicious dinner that night, very simple things that I know will bring me bone deep joy.

As I have told you, I am not a shopper, I don't aimlessly wander around shopping centres just to have a look. I know my time is too precious to waste like that. If I do need to go to the shops, I will have a list and a plan to get in and get out as soon as possible. For me there is no joy in buying "stuff" however that doesn't mean I don't buy things when it is necessary or the item is something of use. For instance, for my birthday, I bought, three books, on line, that I had wanted for a while and 2 new bread tins. I know, outrageous, aren't I? But these are the things that bring me happiness. I will use and cherish the new bread tins and be grateful every time that they are non stick and won't have to line them each time I use them. I will read the books and put that information toward enhancing my simple, frugal life.

My aim is to make a small and simple life for myself, I try and do this by not buying "trivial stuff" and only letting useful items come into the house. Limiting the amount of food we buy and keeping to whole foods rather than ready made or fast foods. Shopping only when needed and trying to source what is needed for the very best price possible. To me less stuff=less stress=happier life, it may seem over simplified, but it works for me.

So, tell me, what make you happy?


  1. Sitting on the porch with the dogs, knitting, a clean house, a nice bike ride, an inspiring ballet class, blogging, reading, and soap making. Such a beautiful blog you have here!

    1. Hi Stephenie,
      I love what makes you happy, all really beautiful pastimes. Have a lovely day.


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