What we bought, ate and spent this week

Hello Dear Reader,

Its that time of the week again, Grocery photo time! When you put it all out together on the counter it really doesn't look that much does it?

Not pictured are the carrots, celery, mushrooms, capsicum and sour cream as I forgot to get them out of the fridge

What we spent



Nothing Bros Prime Meats-$20.20

Coles Marked down fresh produce-$2.00 total for a bag of apples and a bag of potatoes

Coles extra trip-$13.70

Total $163.52

What we ate

Wednesday- Spaghetti Bolognase with Olives and Parmesan
Thursday-Homemade Chicken and Artichoke Pizza
Friday-Green Thai Fish Curry with Silverbeet and Sweet Potato, Steamed Basmati Rice and Papadums
Saturday-Silverbeet and Feta Triangles, I served these with a Potato, Rocket and Avocado Salad
Sunday-For Mothers Day I made a Guinness and Cheese Beef Pie with Puff Pastry Lid served with Mashed Sweet Potato and steamed Broccolini

And for dessert, Caramel Spiced Apples with Vanilla Ice-cream
Monday-Ginger and Spring Onion Prawn Stir fry with Choy Sum and Steamed Basmati Rice
Last night I made a Pumpkin Soup in Thelma the Thermomix and served it with sour cream and chopped parsley and fresh bread with lashings of butter, sorry, no photo, but it was velvety smooth, golden goodness. Tuesday night is now my Ballroom Dancing night, so there will be something either in the slow cooker or made quickly in Thelma the Thermomix for this night of the week.

So, tell me, what do you throw in the slow cooker, for the nights that you are busy?


  1. You always cook such lovely meals. At the moment I'm cooking corned beef in the slow cooker. It doesn't take much effort to do it on the stove top but I'm in and out of home running the kids around today so this way I know it's on and don't have to worry about it boiling dry. I'll serve it with cauliflour cheese, mashed potatoes, honey carrots and green beans. With the cooler weather comming on it's nice to have some good old fashioned comfort food. If you don't mind can I ask how many people your groceries feed? My husband seems to think we can cut our grocery budget more (which there is always room for improvement) but I feel that for our family size I do fairly well. We usually spend $300-$350 per week for everything ( groceries, fruit and veg plus household items and toiletries) We have a family of 7, 2 adults and 5 children ages 4-16. I know we always have different lifestyles but thought it would be good to check how others fair.

    1. Hi Therese,
      Your dinner sounds delish, I love corned beef and it's perfect for the slow cooker. Our son Is still at home but he cooks for himself, so for the main meal it is my husband, his mother and myself. We live next door to my MIL and she has relied on us for meals and everything else for the last 6 years or so. In the last 3 years we lost my husbands Gran and his Father so now we are only feeding one very frail little woman that amounts to nothing really. My husband is a huge eater, I really don't know where he puts it. He basically has two complete dinners at night and then we leave a meal of leftover's for my MIL' s lunch. So I would estimate that I cook for 4 people.


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