What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

Well that was another week that went flying by. My darling daughter and her partner have gone back home, I miss them already. It was so lovely to have them for the week and they are both super easy to have around. This week my Mother in law is in hospital for her usual treatment, so that means more simple, laid back meals with less pressure and stress all week, bring it on. I call it "my respite week".

What we bought
Not Pictured is-large pure cream, 12 x pork sausages and 1 kg of chuck beef (they were in the fridge) I also did a small shop at ALDI on Monday which was sesame seeds, butter and yogurt 

What we spent

Extra items on Monday- $10.57
Nothing Bros Prime Meats-$25.87
Coles marked down produce on Tuesday arvo- $1 for 1 kg of Beurré Bosc pears-sweet!

Total-$ 119.61

What we ate
Wednesday-Tempura Sweet Lip with Steamed Basmati Rice and Pak Choy 

Thursday night = Pizza night, disclaimer - this is not the pizza we had, this was taken 1 week ago and it is from Dominos. The Pizzas we got this week was from Zorba's Pizza at Margate, they were absolutely delicious but I forgot to take a photo! BOO 

Friday-Steamed Maori Cod with pickled ginger and spring onions, steamed Basmati Rice and Choy Sum with oyster sauce

Saturday-Oven Baked Pork Sausages, Easy Cheesy Potato bake and... 
A big tossed salad 

Sunday-Beef and Red Wine Casserole with Parsley and Olive Dumplings

Monday-There was enough leftovers from last night to have again = no cooking, just reheating 

Thai Red Sweet Potato Soup with Macadamia and Coriander Pesto, with buttered toast

So, tell me, where do you shop? Do you do a bit here and a bit there to save money? 


  1. When ALDI opened up in our town about 18 months ago my husband was adamant that we shop there to save money. At first I didn't like it but now that is where we go first. I don't like most of their premade stuff or the biscuits (I find them too sugary) but we buy most of our staples there and some meat. I used to buy our vegetables and fruit as well at ALDI but recently have swapped to our local green grocer who has his own farm and grows a lot of his own produce. I find that the produce tastes good and lasts longer since it hasn't travelled far. I also get to use minimal packaging. The rest of our shopping I buy from Woolworths. Either stuff ALDI doesn't regularly sell (yeast, cup cake cases, choc chips) or things that I just prefer at woollies(I found that the home brand fly spray is better than ALDI).

  2. Yum, fish looks particularly delish.
    Tania in Melbourne


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