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Hello Dear Reader,

Sorry for the blogging silence but I didn't bring my laptop so I have to find the time to log on at an Internet Cafe AND I have had very limited time due to dancing our feet off morning and evening. So far we have learned 5 new dances- the Emerald Rumba, a Latin Cha cha cha, a waltz called the Westlee Waltz, a new vogue dance called the Hattyboo Blues and lastly was the Lace Agate Swing. Both my sister and I finding it difficult to remember all the steps! We keep saying one dance in the brain and one dance out!

I am unable to upload photos due to my apple phone and the stone age computers not talking to one another. So these following photos are from past years. The ballroom dancing week is very well organised with a welcome fish fry dinner, 6 workshops, 3 nightly reviews with a social dance after, a fancy dress night with a sit down dinner and a formal night with supper

I did say the grocery prices on Norfolk Island were eye watering, but the prices are just staggering! 
For instance 1 litre of milk is $8.60 and a very small loaf of bread is $5.00.We are in disbelief how the locals manage. Even so, we have still been eating well. When we first arrived on Saturday we went to the supermarket and purchased - one dozen eggs ($8.60), 3 bananas ($2.00), butter ($5.40) silverbeet ($3.90), 2 small lamb chump chops ($8.00), a bag of rocket ($4.50) honey ($8.70) 2 onions ($1.00) 2 avocado's ($3.00) and a lemon (1.00)

We also went to the local markets on Sunday morning and bought a bit more fruit and half an egg and bacon pie. And were gifted a bag of locally grown pecans still in their shell

We bought some groceries with us to keep us going ( tea, dark organic chocolate, a bag each of Quinoa and Chia seeds, coconut milk, muesli bars and homemade muesli ) and so far have put together some great meals. One the first night we had 1 lamb chump chop with steamed Quinoa and stir fried silverbeet, the second night was the start of the Ballroom Dancing week and we went to the welcome dinner where we had a magnificent Fish Fry, the fish is a local fish called Trumpeter and it was served with fresh salads, local dishes made with green banana and sweet potato and freshly made coconut bread. For dessert we had coconut and lime tarts, oh my, so delicious.

Essentials bought from home 

Our first nights dinner-Pan fried Lamb with steamed Quinoa and silverbeet. 
It's amazing what you can make a meal out of when you have to 

On the second night we had a "Fish Fry" at St Barnabas Church Hall 

So, that's all until I get back to Australia on Saturday, I can then share with you all the beautiful photos of this amazing little island. 

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  1. Sounds like you are having a ball, so good to hear it. I would have thought that food there would be less expensive, surely a place like that would be more self sufficient?? Oh well, enjoy your holiday. Guida.


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